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AC Hipot Tester set ADVLF

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General information AC Hipot Tester ADVLF
ADVLF Series Very Low Frequency AC Hipot Test Set is the direct method to identify the insulation strength of XLPE power cables. It uses 0.1Hz very low frequency technology, the capacity is only 1/500 of power frequency. With small size and light weight, it is suitable to make withstand voltage test for large capacitance equipment such as power cables, power capacitors, large and medium generators/motors.
Built-in protective resistor
Over-current protection function
Over-voltage protection function
Sampling from high voltage side, data is more real.
Data of current, voltage, wave form can be directly sampled at high voltage side, so the data is true and accurate.
With high and low voltage double protection, protective action time is less than 20ms.
Closed-loop negative feedback circuit is adopted. No capacity rising during outputting.

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Technical Specification of the device:

Specification ADVLF-30kV ADVLF-40kV ADVLF-50kV ADVLF-80kV
Rated Output Voltage 30kV(Peak value) 40kV(Peak value) 50kV(Peak value) 80kV(Peak value)
Application Power cables and generators at 10kV and below Power cables and generators at 13.8kV and below Power cables and generators at 15.75kV and below Power cables and generators at 35kV and below
Load capacity 0.1Hz,≤1.1μF 0.1Hz,≤1.1μF 0.1Hz,≤0.8μF 0.1Hz,≤0.5μF
0.05Hz,≤2.2μF 0.05Hz,≤2.2μF 0.05Hz,≤1.6μF 0.05Hz,≤1.0μF
0.02Hz,≤5.5μF 0.02Hz,≤5.5μF 0.02Hz,≤4μF 0.02Hz,≤2.5μF
Output frequency 0.1Hz 0.05Hz 0.02Hz
Weight Control unit: 5kg Control unit: 5kg Control unit: 5kg Control unit: 5kg
Booster: 25kg Booster: 35kg Booster: 50kg Booster I: 25kg
Booster II: 50kg
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