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AD-5100CF Cable Fault Locator System

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General information about AD-5100CF Cable Fault Locator System:
AD-5100CF Cable Fault system is an effective tool to maintain all kinds of cables. It uses various detection way to test cable faults,which is suitable for different levels voltage power cables and communication cables.
The system contains below units:
1. AD-5101CF Cable fault tester
2. AD-5102CF Cable fault locator
3. AD-5103CF Impulse generator
4. Other accessories
Safe,prompt and accurate testing. It uses LV impulse method and HV flashover detection,which test all kinds of cable fault.
Using high speed data sampling technology. A/D sampling speed is 100Mhz.
Wave form and data display automatically on big LCD screen.
Wave form and parameter storage function.
Function of comparing testing wave form of cable fault with normal wave form.
Wave form extending function.
Directly show fault point and testing point direct distance or relative distance.
Modify speed of propagation any time according to different testing cables.
Built-in rechargeable battery.Small size,portable to carry.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Max.testing distance:32km(Open wire up to 100km)
Blind detection: 1m
Resolution: 1m
Power consumption: 5VA
Environmental temperature: 0-40℃(limit temperature:10℃-50℃)
Relative humidity: 40℃(20~90)%RH
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106Kpa
AD-5100CF specifications:
Including transmitter, receiver, Inductive probe, potential type detection frame.
Fault insulation resistance:0-5MΩ
Locating accuracy:≤±10cm.
Detection cable depth:≤3m.
AD-5100CF specifications:
Input power supply: AC 220V,50Hz
Output voltage: DC 0-15kV
Rated power consumption: 2kVA
Environmental temperature:0-40oC
Humidity:<75% RH
Insulation level:A
Weight:about 48.5kg.
Other accessories: include AF Stethoscope, Headphones, Grounding Pin, PD Locating Rack, RF Tracking Rod.

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