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AD-BT1000 Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

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General Information about  AD-BT1000 Transformer Turns Ratio Tester
AD-BT1000 Transformer Turns Ratio Tester is designed for three phase transformer of power system, especially for Z type winding transformer, rectifier transformer, Scott,inverse Scott and balance transformers in railway electrical system.
GDB-III input single phase power supply, and produce three phases or two phases power supply by inner power modules, output to the high voltage site of the transformer. High and low voltage are sampling at the same time, then the transformer connection groups, turn ratio, deviation, phase difference can be calculated.
Easy to use, GDB-III is the ideal transformer turn ratio tester for electrical power system ,transformer manufactures and railway electric system.
Large LCD screen, full English menu and English printing out.
Especially suit to test the turn ratio and phase difference of the special type transformer.
Especially suit test the rectifier transformer which with phase shift ,and intuitively display the angle of the phase shift
Automatically produce amplitude stability ,phase constant,three phases(120°) or two phases power supply .
Directly measure the voltage ratio and the phase difference of high and voltage site .
Test three phases at the same time in the true sense.
The testing parameter can be setted in one time, after convert the tapping switch, then to test directly. Automatically judge the tapped position and the standard turn ratio after converting.
Fast speed testing, only 8 seconds to test one group of data.
The testing result is not affected by the power supply frequency and amplitude fluctuations.
Protection function of over-current and high-low voltage reverse connecting.
The whole process can be completely controlled by the PC, save data ,print the testing report .
Testing result can be automatically saved, up to 99 data can be stored.
Built-in user’s manual, easy to read at any time .

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Technical Specification of the device:
Turns Ratio Range 1~10000
Group Difference Range : 1~12
Turns Ratio Range Accuracy: Turns Ratio Range 1~1000:0.2degree
Turns Ratio Range: 1000~2000:0.5degree
Turns Ratio Range: 2000~5000:1degree
Turns Ratio Resolution: 0.0001
Angle Resolution : 0.01°
Power Supply: 220V±10% 、50Hz±1Hz
Working Temperature : -20℃~40℃
Relative Humidity: ≤85%,no condensation
Overall: 320mm×400mm×170mm
Instrument Weight: 7kg

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