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AD-OBT2000 Insulation Oil Breakdown Tester

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 General information about AD-OBT2000 Insulation Oil Breakdown Tester
AD-OBT2000 Insulation Oil Tester is fully digital industrial instrument with microcomputer control. It has the features of high accuracy and strong anti-interference ability.
LCD screen display.
Automatic completing all test procedures.
1-6times breakdown voltage value and times will be saved automatically. It will print test results.
100 results can be stored and current environmental temperature and humidity can be displayed.
Single-chip control, easy to control.
With over-voltage, over-current and limit protection.
Display temperature and system clock.
With RS232 port.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Power supply:AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz
Output voltage:0-80kV/0-100kV
Speed of voltage increase:2.0-3.5kV/s, adjustable/0.5-5.0kV/s, adjustable
Voltage distortion rate:<3%
Measurement accuracy:±3%
Standing time:15mins, adjustable
Voltage increasing interval:5mins, adjustable
Voltage increasing times:1-6times, optional/1-9times, optional
Applicable temperature:0℃-45℃
Applicable humidity:<75% RH

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