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AD-OT2000 Automatic Insulation Oil Tester

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General information about AD-OT2000 Automatic Insulation Oil Tester (80/100kV)
AD-OT2000 Insulation Oil Breakdown Tester is adopted industrial single plate integrated circuit, new-style I/O jack, with unique inspection and anti-interference technology to greatly improve its reliability and functionality.
Easy operation,high automation. (only press button once and all work done automatically)
Menu management, data input simple and convenient.
Store 99 data of oil sampling tests for review and print. The test data can be saved even the power is off.
The clock is still on after power off. (The internal time of the system just for test reference, not for standard time)Strong anti-interference, high precision testing.
Small measurement, light weight, convenient for outdoor operation.
The software can be upgraded through RS232 terminal.(Optional)

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Technical specification of the device:
Power supply:AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Output voltage:80/100 kV
Capacity:2.0 kVA
Speed of voltage increase:about 2 k V/ s
Voltage inspection accuracy:1 %
Breakdown sensitivity:< 0.1 kV
Waveform distortion:≤ 1 %
Breakdown response time:≤ 10 ms
Storage environment
Temperature: 0 ℃ -40 ℃
Humidity: Max. relative humidity 85%
Storage environment
Temperature: – 20 ℃ – 60 ℃
Humidity: Max. relative humidity 75%
Altitude:<1500m (if over 1500m, it can be customized)
Weight:45kg(N.W.) (100kV)

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