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AD-RTG AC Resonant Test System

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General information about  AD-RTG AC Resonant Test System (for Generators)
AD-RTG series AC Resonant Test System for Generators can be used by adjusting inductance of the reactor, or adjusting the work way of resonant frequency of the system to achieve resonance.You can also use both two methods to achieve resonance.In the voltage boosting process, if the resonant point deviate,you can find it exactly by the way of fine tuning frequency,which ensure a high Q value and reduce power capacity and volume weight of test equipment.
Smaller size,lighter weight compared with same voltage level,same capacity generator AC withstand voltage test equipments.Single equipment is no more than 60kg,easy to move.
Advanced principle of whole set device and new frequency&inductance modulation technology, strictly ensure generator power frequency withstand voltage test requirements. Wide application scope.
Equipped with 20Hz-300Hz variable control source. Good protection and output waveform,high stability.With multiple working mode,easy to operate.
Power supply of 220V or 380V, convenient for on-site power sourcing;
Max.Q point can be found exactly by the mode of first inductance modulation and later frequency modulation,to avoid resonance deviation because of voltage boosting;
Flexible configuration and strong extension. Meet all capacitive test object testing requirements in power system.
Power frequency test mode or Variable frequency test mode.
Multi-use, cost-effective.

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Technical specification of the device:
Rated output voltage: 0 ~ 50kV (RMS) or below.
Output frequency: 45 – 300Hz.
Waveform: pure sine wave, THD ≤ 1%.
Max. capacity: 2000kVA or below.
Duty cycle: continuous working 15mins one time at full power output.
Quality factor: 10 – 40.
Frequency adjustment sensitivity: 0.1HZ, instability of <0.05%.
Power supply: 220V or 380V ± 15%, 50HZ ± 5%.

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