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AD-TTR AC Resonant Test System

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General information about AD-TTR AC Resonant Test System 
AC Resonant Test System for Substation Electrical Equipment, is mainly composed of variable frequency power,exciting transformers,reactors, capacitive dividers, which designed for AC withstand voltage test of substation electric primary equipment 220kV or below.
GIS system
SF6 switchgear
Other capacitive devices
Smaller size,lighter weight compared with same voltage level,same capacity reactor.
Small temperature rise at rated load.Dry type epoxy cast,high mechanical strength,good insulation,nice and reliable.
Adjustable capacity of frequency control source.Strong protection, good stability. With multiple working mode,easy to operate.
With 220V or 380V single phase power,convenient for on-site power sourcing.
Flexible configuration.Different type reactors for optional,meet different test object requirements. Multifunctional ,cost effective.

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Technical Specificationn of the device:
Rated output voltage: 0 – 800kV (AC ) or below.
Output frequency: 20 ~ 300Hz.
Waveform: pure sine wave, THD <1.0%.
Max. capacity: 1000kVA and below.
Duty Cycle: Continuous working time 15mins one time at full power output.
Quality factor: 30-90.
Frequency adjustment sensitivity: 0.1Hz, instability <0.05%.
Power Supply: 380/220V ± 15% / 50Hz ± 5%.

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