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ADAC-7026P Automatic Pressure Calibrator

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General information about ADAC-7026P Automatic Pressure Calibrator:
Automatic Pressure Calibrator uses high performance DSP servo control technology and modular design, high stability. Combined with intelligent pressure calibrator ,that realize pressure transmitter, pressure switch automatic calibration function. It may self-test pressure leaking and automatically protect inside pressure system. Large touch screen,friendly english interface with inside help menu instruct users how to calibrate pressure instrument . Calibration data store automatically and count the calibration result.easy to query history information record and switching pressure unit.With addition of strong protect function Once the set pressure values overpass pressure range ,the items will stop pressure generating. Meanwhile motor driver inside protect automatically.
ADAC-7026P is strictly in accordance with the instrument calibration procedures during operation. it is an ideal automatic pressure calibrator for periodical, mass and repeat calibration work in industrial enterprises. It can be widely used in power, chemical, petrol, metallurgy, metering, military industry, etc.
1-2 minutes : Easily accomplish single cycle 7 points pressure transmitter calibration
2-7 inch LCD : English interface ,reading precision
3-60 group data : Providing inquiry of record, export data

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Technical Specification of the device:
1-Pressure range: Differential (-1~1)bar/Gauge pressure (-0.1~1)bar/(-0.95~25)bar
2-Working medium: Air
3-Pressure-control stability: ±0.01%F.S
4-Noise detection:≤40dB(decibel)
5-Weight: 6.0kg
6-Dimension: 298L×223W×119H (mm)
7-Automatic pressure-stability time:< 10s
8-Fluctuation of servo control:superior to 0.005%F.S

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