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ADAC-7028S Sphygomanometer Calibrator

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General information about ADAC-7028S Sphygomanometer Calibrator:
Sphygmomanometer Calibrator integrates pressure generating and measuring into one. Microprocessor in ME01 will be able to make automatic adjustment and compensation of non-linear and zero drift. the built in high-stability pressure-transducer and 24-bit A/D converter will insure the precision and the stability of the unit. .that is used for calibrating sphygomanometer in metrology body, hospital ,the University lab, sphygomanometer manufacturers and so on .
1-Built in pressure source, easy to pressurization
2-With F-adjust function get the exact pressure value
3-The pressure value could be regulated randomly
4-Pressure unit kPa & mmHg display simultaneously
5-Calibrating (0-40)kPa pressure gauge
6-Large LCD with back light
7-Acquisition speed fast
8-Simple operation,save labor
9-Compact structure
10Light weight

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Technical specification of the device:
1-Generated pressure range: (0~40)kPa / (0-300mmHg)
3-Working media:Air
4-Double lines large LCD
5-Pressure unit kPa and mmHg display simultaneously
6-Build in pressure transducers ,manual calibrate without the hardware adjustment
7-Power adaptor 9Vdc ,build in rechargeable lithium battery
8-Dimensions:145L×160W×130H (mm)

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