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ADBA-108CT Battery Conductance Tester

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General information about ADBA-108CT Battery Conductance Tester:
Main Functions:
Test the battery voltage, conductance and connecting strip resistance online
Battery Conductance and Voltage out of range alarm
Battery parameters are marked by group No. to data management expediently.
PC analysis software to realize record and follow up battery condition
Key Features:
1-High precision online testing, full automatically switch the testing range, large capacity data storage
2-Automatically range switching between testing range 0.000-19990S
3-Storage 999 group testing data ( each group 999 battery at most )
4-Storage 500 groups battery setting parameters
5-battery capacity testing range :
5 inch color touch LCD screen
Display the graph and bar charts analysis function
Battery capacity analysis function, do the excellent, good, bad analysis
Oscilloscope function: indicate the highest, lowest and average voltage , count the voltage wave
6-Transmit the testing data to PC byMicroSDcard to carry out analysis of battery according to the history data.
7-Strong data management function, do not connect with PC, can use
8-Enhanced over voltage protecting function.
9-Automatically recovery the over current protecting function.
10-Use the SOC chip to improve the tester stability.
11-Large capacity Lithium and power adapter to ensure the power supply
12-Low battery indication to guarantee test precision
13-Small volume, light weight
14-Automatic testing mode, for user convenience:
Automatically analyze and judge the battery condition
Building the history database, describe the battery life span curve.
Contrastive analyzing for each battery cell within the same battery string.
All batteries are administrated by different SOH (excellent, good, medium and bad)

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Technical specification of the device:

 Testing Range Conductance :20~19,990S
Voltage 0.000v–25v
Measurement Resolution  Conductance: 1S
 Measurement Precision  Conductance:±0.5%rdg  ±6dgt
Voltage:±0.2%rdg  ±6dgt
Power Supply  11.1V,2400mAh, rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Life   Work for 8 hours continuously
 Storage Capacity   64Mbit Flash+ 4GSD
Display   5 Inch color touch LCD screen
Size  220 x 170 x 52mm
Weight  1.1Kg
Humidity   90% RH
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