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ADBC-100SD Storage Battery data logging devices

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General information about ADBC-100SD Storage Battery data logging devices
Storage battery data logging devices is dedicated lead-acid battery group monitoring, battery monomer voltage is 2V, 6V or 12V , the equipment adopt advanced testing technical.
The equipment is small and light, have full-featured data management software, can reduce the daily work for battery testing and maintenance.
Main Function and Characteristics:
1-Instrument adopts touch screen operation, can use by touch pen or finger to operate screen
2-Save testing data , has internal storage and SD card
3-With over-voltage, over-current, overheating protection functions.
4-when the battery pack is under the state of online discharge, uniform charge and floating charge, For real-time monitoring of battery pack: including all group of voltage, single-cell voltage, charge/discharge current of all battery pack , charge/discharge capacity of battery pack, Monitoring time of battery, etc
5-High brightness color LCD screen, display is clear and beautiful.
6-The tester has powerful management software; it can provide data management, printing, analysis, reports statistics, automatic generation of test reports function.

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Technical specification of the device:
Model:Data Logging Devices
Cell battery measurement type:2V/6V/12V
cell voltage measurement range:2V:0~4V; 6V:0~8V; 12V:0~15V
cell voltage resolution:2V/6V:0.001V; 12V:0.01V
Battery pack voltage measurement range:0~600V
Battery pack voltage measurement resolution:≤60V: 0.01V; >60V: 0.1V
Voltage testing accuracy:0.5%
Current testing accuracy:1%
Current monitoring range:0~300A
working voltage:AC 120V 60Hz
Working environment:0℃~40℃, 20%~80%RH
Storage conditions:-20℃~70℃, Packaging store
Communication mode:RS232 communication and USB communications
Display mode:LCD with high brightness and lardge screen.
external dimensions(mm):230*230*50(mm)
Carry method:Portable hand-held

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