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ADBC-101DT Battery Discharge Tester

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General information about ADBC-101DT Battery Discharge Tester
Main Functions:
Discharge and capacity evaluation function
On-line monitoring function
When the battery pack is under the state of online discharge, uniform charge and floating charge , perform real-time on-line monitoring for all cells, Includes pack voltage, cell voltage, charge/discharge current, monitoring time & charge/discharge capacity of battery pack and etc. Support constant current discharge , constant power discharge mode. Can know the real capacity, also can know the backup supply power time.
Quick precision to know battery condition ( good or bad )
When on-line discharge , can monitor cell voltage, wireless is optional, One wireless module can monitor 24 cells (1.2V2V4V68V12V), battery pack is 48V, cell is 2V, only use one wireless module.
Do capacity discharge test, can set up four discharge end condition Battery pack voltage
Cell voltage
Discharge time
Discharge capacity .
Instrument has parallel function can also be external load, making the instrument can test all kinds of large capacity battery
Main Features:
Inch color LCD display, can operate by touch and click the button.
Operation is easy and convenient, procedure is clear , can check from the screen interface.
Test voltage range is from 10V-300v, maximum discharge current is 120A.
Instrument can do analysis for the main test histogram and the curve, also can do curve comparison . The voltage curve can be enlarged, reduced, convenient to check. Don’t need upload the PC, also can analysis the data clearly
Discharge parameter template function, use preset parameters, can begin discharge test.
Overvoltage protection, over current protection, Battery voltage polarity reverse connection protection
Powerful communication function
With  SD card, the user can perform long-term historical data storage and analysis.
Comprehensive Analysis software
This software is English designed , and it can automatically create voltage /current histogram, curve chart and test report ( include Excel and Word document)
When the instrument detects abnormal phenomenon of battery or working , it automatically stops testing for protecting battery

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Technical specification of the device:
Battery pack voltage range:10V-18V/18V-150V/180V-300V
Battery voltage resolution:0.01V-0.01V-0.01V
Voltage testing precision:0.5%-0.5%-0.5%
constant power adjust range:600W-18000W
Discharge current working range:0-60A/0-120A/0-60A
Discharge current precision:0.1A-0.1A-0.1A
Current testing precision:1%-1%-1%
Cell voltage application:2V/6V/12V-2V/6V/12V-2V/6V/12V
Cell voltage testing range:24 cell (2V/6V/12V)
Cell voltage resolution:0.01V
Working voltage:220Vac(-20%–+30%),45-65Hz:
withstand voltage test
Input-shell:2200Vdc 1min
Input-output:2200Vdc 1min
Output-shell:700Vdc 1min
Cooling mode:Air cooling system
Communication mode:RS232 & SD card
Display:7 inch color touch LCD screen
Working range :-5~50℃
Storage range :-40~70℃
Humidity:0~90% RH(40±2℃)
Weight:less than 40KGS

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