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ADBC-103A Battery Activator

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General information about ADBC-103A Battery Activator:
intelligent testing instrument is mainly used for 6V, 8V & 12V lead-acid battery .
3-in-1 function : battery discharge , battery charge and battery regenerator/activator, used separately or comprehensively
How to do : do discharge for battery , know the battery capacity , then do charge for the battery, do deep cycles charge and discharge for battery.
improve the battery capacity ,prolong using lif
Which have PC software , transfer the data to PC, do professional analysis for each battery.
Internal resistance measurement function: (optional) discharges the battery after disengaging the system, only 1 to 2 minutes can be measured to assess the capacity of the battery.
High-brightness 7 Inch color touch LCD display, display clear and beautiful.
PC data management software is powerful, friendly interface, provide data management, printing, analysis, report statistics, automatically generate test reports and other functions
Focusing on the different situation of lag single battery, OR-HHY2612 can do discharge test to estimate the real capacity, intelligent charge the battery, and set multiple cycles discharge and charge to activate the lag battery. It can upload the discharge and charge testing data to PC. In the PC software, you can analyze the quality problem of the lag battery.
Battery regenerator/activator:
Perform cell activation on the state of online floating charge or offline. Users should set up activation and cycling times, single-activation charge time, protective voltage parameters before activation; it can display battery voltage, charge/discharge current, charge/discharge capacity, charge/discharge time and etc; users can set up activation cycling and alsostop the activation manually. Battery regeneration time: 300Ah è 8Hr and 600Ah è 10Hr (dependence on Current).
Battery Discharge:
Perform constant current discharge for cell. Users should set up discharge time, discharge capacity, cut-off voltage and etc; before discharge; it can display discharge current, battery discharged capacity, battery voltage, discharge time and etc; users can manually stop the discharge.
Battery Charge:
When the battery is on the state of online floating charge or offline, it can perform automatic charge for battery, users should set up charge current, charge time, cut-off voltage and etc, the instrument can display charge current, battery charged capacity, battery voltage, charge time and etc; users can manually stop the charge.
Data storage:
large capacity. Save 10 groups of activation data, 10 groups of check discharge data, and 10 groups of charge test data. Users can query, delete and export the data. With RS232 interface and USB interface. users can perform long-term historical data storage and analysis. When the instrument detects abnormal phenomenon of battery or working is abnormal, it automatically stops testing for protecting battery. The activation adopts integrated design with monitoring unit and power unit. The monitoring unit adopts high-speed A/D and D/A, and power unit adopts new-type parts. This software is English designed, and it can automatically create voltage/current histogram, curve chart, and test report (including Excel table and Word document) and Support SD Card external memory up to 64GB.

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Technical specification of the device:
Cell voltage measurement:2V/6V/12V
Cell Voltage measurement range:2V:0~3V -Cell voltage measurement-2V/6V/12V
Cell Voltage measurement range:2V:0~3V-6V:4~8V-12V:10~16V
Charge voltage resolution:2V/6V: 0.01V; 12V: 0.1V (13.5V~14.4V)
Charge voltage accuracy:±1.5%
Charge current range:2V:2A~100A-6V:2A~30A-12V: 5A~30A
Discharge current range:12V: 10~40A
Charge/discharge current resolution:≤0.1A
Current test accuracy:±2%
Battery Capacity check range:2V: 20Ah~1000Ah-6V:20Ah~300Ah-12V:20Ah~300Ah
AC Power supply:AC 220±15%/50Hz/1P
Communication mode:RS232 and USB
Cooling mode:Air Cooling
Work environment:Temperature range:0℃~50℃;Humidity range:5%~90% RH
Store Temperature:-20℃~70℃
LCD Display:7 Inch Touch Screen Controller
Carrying case:Portable

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