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ADBC-104M Battery Monitoring System

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General information about ADBC-104M Battery Monitoring System:
No worry about your power system
For power system, it’s very important that battery system run smoothly. Only taking goo regular maintenance is not enough to ensure battery system normal. For not critical battery system, typical regular maintenance is enough, but that only indicate the state of battery at a certain time.
In the application of critical battery system, any accident must be prevented to happen.
That requires battery in good state all time.
The only way to ensure battery system in integrated is to install battery monitoring system.Why to choose H3G battery monitoring system?
Ensure battery to provide enough energy
Early find degradation of batteries
Be aware of current state of batteries, especially capability degradation.
Avoid change battery blindly, reduce cost
Improve safety of operation
Anyone can see system from anywhere on the LAN by simply using a standard
Web browser, reduce maintenance cost.
Key Features:
The system is modular and easy to configure for different power system
On-line measurement of battery impedance, voltage and current
24*7 automatic cell voltage test and alarm
Intelligent data analysis
Remote monitoring
Key Functions:
Monitoring Items
Cell Voltage
Cell Internal Resistance
String Voltage
String Charge & Discharge Current
String Ambient Temperature
Alarm Items:
String Charge Voltage High/Low
Discharge Current High (Optional)
Charge Current High (Optional)
String Over-discharge
Cell Charge Voltage High/Low
Cell IR Over Limit
Cell Over Discharge
Cell Short Circuit
Cell Open Circuit

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Technical specification of the device:

used for:2V,6V or 12V battery, capacity less than 2000AH
Power Requirements:
TA Module:powered from the monitored battery,less than 60mA(2V) or 25mA(12V)
TC module:DC8~13V,2W
Measurement Range & Accuracy:
Cell voltage:1.5~2.5V,±(0.1%+1mV)
Internal resistance:100~65535uΩ
Battery temperature:5℃~50℃, ±1.5℃
Ambient temperature: -10℃~+70℃,±0.5℃
String current:0~500A, ±2%(Full scale)
Communications Interfaces:TA Module:UART port, meet MODBUS protocol
TC module:UART port, meet MODBUS protocol
Converter: RS485 or RS232, meet MODBUS protocol, one Converter can drives up to 130 modules Environmental Operating
Storage temperature: -10℃~70℃,5%~90%RH

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