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ADBC-105LB DC load bank

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General information about ADBC-105LB DC load bank
Real time on-line monitoring function offer you an ability to record everything you need about battery system.
Perform constant current and constant power discharging test to help you maximum and exactly know your battery’s performance
Main features and functions:
1)Display: LCD display all parameters and test data in real-time with English menu. Display testing data: voltage, current, capacity, discharging time. etc.
2)Control pattern: keyboard set the whole battery set protective voltage, current, capacity, discharging time.
3)Automatic stop: It can stop testing automatically meet following conditions: test time out, testing capacity out and protective voltage out.
4)Protection: Perfect automatic protection and alarm function: When high temperature, opposing connection, automatic protection power–off and sending alarm sound.
5)Portable, with small volume, forced air cooling
On-line monitoring function
When the battery pack is under the state of online discharge, uniform charge and floating charge , perform real-time on-line monitoring for all cells.

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Technical specification of the device:

Type:  OR-DC 48/15 48/30 11/05 11/10 22/06 22/10 60/03
DC Input
Group Voltage Range 0-60V 0-135V 98-260V 300-650V
Measurement range 2V ;0-4v  6V:0-8v  12V:0-15V
Cell voltage resolution 2V/6V:0.001V ;   12V:0.01V
Constant current discharge voltage 43.2V-57.6V 43.2V-57.6V 99-132V 99~132V 198-264V 198-264V 300-650V
Discharge Current 0-150A 0-300A 0-50A 0-100A 0-60A 0-100A 0-30A
Working Mode single main machine / multiple main machine / main machine + extension load(s)
Protective measures  Input over-voltage protect: LCD prompt, beep warning

Battery electrodeinversed connecting protect: LCD prompt, beep warning

Over-current protect: LCD prompt, beep warning

Overheat protect(over 85℃): LCD prompt, beep warning

Accuracy discharge current: ≤±0.5% / group voltage: ≤±0.5% / battery voltage: ≤±0.5%
PC Communication RS232 socket
Internal Memory 8Mbit FLASH
Cooling Mode Air cooling
Temperature working:-5-50degree / storage:: -40-70degree
Humidity RH: 0-90%(40±2degree)
Altitude Available below 4000m
Noise <60dB
Voltage Single-phase 3-wire 220Vac (-20%-+30%), frequency: 45-65Hz
Withstand Voltage input-shell: 2000Vdc 1min / input-output: 2000Vdc 1min / output-shell: 700Vdc 1min
AC Input standard socket, available for 1~1.5 mm2 cable
DC input OR-DC 48/30: Φ120 cable quick plug (red-positive, back-negative), 100mm2 cable

OR-DC 60/03: Φ26.5 cable quick plug (red-positive, back-negative), 16mm2 cable

Others: Φ50.0 cable quick plug (red-positive, back-negative), 35mm2 cable

Dimension(mm) OR-DC48/15   OR-DB11/05   OR-DC22/06: 508×223×372

OR-DC48/30   OR-DB11/10   OR-DC22/10  OR-DB60/03: 628×223×372

Weight(kg) 13 18 13 18 13 18 18
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