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ADBC-106DT Battery Discharger Tester

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General information about ADBC-106DT Battery Discharger Tester
Key Functions:
On-line monitoring function:
when the battery pack is under the state of online discharge, uniform charge and floating charge, perform real-time online monitoring for all cells. The monitoring items include pack voltage, cell voltage, charge/discharge current, monitoring time of battery pack, charge/discharge capacity of battery pack and etc.
The user can also monitor the temperature of each cell, so that it is better to control the situation of each cell. (optional function)
Discharge function:
Perform discharge of constant current taking advantage of intellectualized dummy load after the battery pack is removed from system, set up the parameters of “discharge current”, “discharge time ”, “discharge capacity” , “final protective voltage of whole pack” and“ final protective voltage of cell”, and the tester could carry out discharge function automatically, display discharge current, battery discharged capacity, the whole pack voltage, cell voltage, discharge time and etc; when the pack reaches setup value of final discharge voltage, setup value of final discharge capacity, setup value of final discharge time, any cell voltage which is below setup value of final cell voltage or manual final operation could stop discharge test.
Key Features:
According to the cells quantity of the battery string, the user can set up the cell quantity discharge. In view of the battery string 48V, it performs 4 battery strings for the on-line monitoring or discharging.
Safety and reliability:
No need manually correcting voltage.:
Unlike the most tester on the market, this tester doesn’t need to correct the voltage manually. So it can ensure the accuracy of the test.
Real-time storage data:
Save 10 groups of on-line monitoring data, 10 groups of discharge data. So the user can query, delete and export the data.
Convenience and speediness
Connect to PC, it can carry out test control directly and real-time monitoring for instrument, meanwhile performs pattern analysis by software on PC.
English menu, simple operation, and clear flow, brief clue of every interface and mistaking operation protect.
Powerful communication function
With RS232 interface and SD card. The user can perform long-term historical data storage and analysis.
When the instrument detects abnormal phenomenon of battery or working, it automatically stops testing for protecting battery.
7 inch LCD color display screen with high performance.
Comprehensive analysis software
This software is English designed, and it can automatically create voltage/current histogram, curve chart and test report (including Excel table and Word document).

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Technical specification of the device:

Model ADBC/15 ADBC/15 ADBC/30 ADBC/05 ADBC/10 ADBC/04 ADBC ADBC/03 ADBC/05
Cell voltage measurement type 2V/6V/12V
Cell voltage measurement range 2V:0~4V; 6V:0~8V; 12V:0~15V
Cell voltage resolution 2V/6V:0.001V; 12V:0.01V
Voltage measurement range of battery string 0~30V 0~60V 0~60V 0~135V 0~270V 0~270V 0~450V 0~450V
String voltage resolution 0.01V 0.1V
Voltage testing accuracy 0.5%
Discharge current working range 2~150A 2~150A 2~300A 2~50A 2-100A 2~40A 2~80A 2~30A 2~50A
Constant current discharge voltage range 21V~30V 42V~60V 42V~60V 90~140V 90~140V 180~270V 180~270V 340~450V 340~450V
Discharge Power Max. 4.5kw Max. 9kw Max. 18kw Max. 7kw Max. 13.5kw Max. 13.5kw Max. 21.6kw Max. 13.5kw Max. 22.5kw
Current testing accuracy 1%
Battery capacity check range 20Ah~1500 Ah 20Ah~1500 Ah 20Ah~3000 Ah 20~500Ah 20~1000Ah 20~500Ah 20~1000Ah 20~300Ah 20~500Ah
Current testing accuracy 1%
Capacity check testing range extension One external load added, the testing capacity range doubled
Cell data collection method wire
Monitoring current range 0~300 A
Working  voltage AC220±15%
Cooling mode Refrigeration by blast
Working environment 0℃~40℃; 20%~80%RH
Storage condition -20℃~70℃ storage and transport
Communication mode RS232 communication
Data storage mode SD card
Display mode 7 inch TFT
Instrument dimensions(mm) 400*243*301 430*248*381 400*243*301 430*248*381 400*243*301
Weight(≤Kg) 13 17 13 17 13
Carry method Portable type
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