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ADBC-124DC Battery Discharge Cycler

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General information about ADBC-124DC Battery Discharge Cycler:
Auto run multiple discharge/charge cycles
5.7 inch LCD touch screen for easy operation and showing various parameters real time
Adjustable stop points and multiple alarm designs to control the discharge & charge process intelligently
Support RS232 real time monitoring by PC or USB download data after discharge
PC software for capacity evaluation and report generation
Optional wireless & wired modules for 1.2V/2V/6V/12V cells voltage real-time measuring
Multiple Adjustable Stop Points:
ADBC-124DC offers multiple adjustable points for test stop points to avoid excessive discharge & charge.
ADBC-124DC also offer selectable quantity of cells which voltages below the stop point during discharge, this design could help you to locate more lag batteries in once constant discharging.
5.7 inch Touch LCD Display:
Super big size touch LCD can display all realtime data and graphs and support the click operations directly, humanized input method and menu designs simplified operating process.
Presetting Function:
The presetting function for discharge &charge parameters provide 8 locations for setting up all discharge parametersin advance, this design can skip the setting procedures for the same cycles, simplifiedthe operation and speed up the test.
Internal Memory:
ADBC-124DC can save several independent discharge records automatically without Laptop monitoring, non-volatile internal memory guarantee the data security even in unexpected shutdown.
The menu interface provides some management operations like reviewing, deleting,downloading to PC by USB disk or RS232.
Optional wireless or wired cells voltage monitoring:
Wireless modules for cells voltage measuring are available for 1.2V/2V/6V/12V batteries voltage monitoring during test cycles.
Each wireless module can monitor 4 batteries simultaneously. Compared with the traditional cable voltage measuring method that each module only can monitor 1 battery, the new wiring operation is much easier.
With proper number wireless modules, main tester can realtime scan and display the voltage data of each battery during the discharging & charging, and display the histogram of all batteries to follow the battery voltage tracks in whole cycle process
Intelligent judge program: ADBC-124DCcan identify the situations that the battery voltages reach the threshold value or the signal missing by manual mistake. Avoiding manual interruption in the discharging, this revolutionary program makes the test stable and smooth.
ADBC-124DC also supports cable modules for special requirements.
Multiple Protections & Alarms:
ADBC-124DC provides ample protective measures forvarious abnormal situations during discharge. Automatic termination, LCD prompt and beep warning would assist users to make proper treatments.

PC Analysis Software:
Support data downloading and analyzing through real time communication or USB memory devices.
The software interface includes: battery voltages curve and bar chart, battery resistances bar chart, group voltage curve,current curve, capacities histogram, data form and so on.
Powerful capacity estimating function, the software can predict the capacity of each battery in the tested group.
The software shows the data by various ways likebar charts, curve, and form. And users can magnify or minify any windows to read more details.
Automatically create EXCEL data report, it’s so convenient to send or download the data.

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Technical specification of the device:

Technical Details
Type:ADBC-124DC 16CT 18CT 17CT
12V(10~15V) 200A Max 60A Max 60A Max
24V (21.6~28V) 300A Max 120A Max 120A Max
36V (32~43V) 300A Max 120A Max 120A Max
48V (43.2~58V) 300A Max 120A Max 120A Max
96V/110V(70~140V) 120A Max 120A Max
220V/240V(40~300V) 60A Max 60A Max
380V/480V(300~480V) 35A Max
Max Power 16kW 18kW 17kW
Power Cable Size 120mm² 50mm²
Max Extension Current 720A Max(120A internal + 600A external)
Discharge Mode Constant Current, Constant Power, Constant Resistance
Accuracy Current: ≤±0.5%, Group Volt: ≤±0.5%, Cell Volt: ≤±0.5%
PC Communication RS232 serial communication
AC Power Supply 220 V AC (-20% to +30%) 50/60 Hz
Over-Temp Protection Resistor Box over 85℃;Air Cooler over 100℃
Withstand Voltage Input-Shell: 2000Vdc 1min

Input-Output: 2000Vdc 1min

Output-Shell:700Vdc 1min

CE Certificate LVDstandard:2006/95/EC:EN 61010-1:200

EMCstandard:2004/108/EC Annex II:


EN 61000-6-3:2007

EN 61000-3-2:2006+A2:2009


Environment Storage Temperature: -40~70℃

Humidity: 5~95% RH

Cooling: Force Air Cooling

Work Temperature: -5~40℃

Dimension / Weight 670×230×370(mm) / 26kg(820), 24kg(840), 25kg(860)
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