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ADBC-128M Battery Monitoring System

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General information about ADBC-128M Battery Monitoring System:
Support 1.2V (Ni-Cd) /2V/6V/12V (Lead-acid) individual cells voltage monitoring
Automatic event recording functions when power outages happen
Single unit can support max 320 cells / 4 strings monitoring, available for more cells & strings by multiple units co-working
Display unit with 5.7 inch LCD touch screen for easy operation and showing various parameters real time
Selectable monitoring communicate port: RS232/RS485, TCP/IP, MODBUS
Intelligent PC software for remote monitoring
unit ADBC-128M is installed and monitor 1-4 battery strings in the same site.
All ADBC-128M in different site send battery status information to data server via RS232/RS485, TCP/IP, MODBUS
Users can browse all battery strings data through internet access.
ADBC-128M can send alarm messages to data server automatically
Wide applications:
ADBC-128M almost supports any kind of battery systems: 0-800V battery string created by1.2V/2V/6V/12V cells.
Display unit-5.7 inch touch screen:
Big size touch LCD can display all real time data and graphs and support the click operations directly, humanized input method and menu designs simplified operating process.
Multiple Alarms design:
For notifying the user at emergencies, ADBC-128M provides various alarms. User can set the alarm trigger values by LCD screen or PCs oftware.
Efficient & flexible structure:
The single ADBC-128M main unit can support max 320 cells / 4 strings monitoring. Multiple units co-working can support more cells/ strings in single location. We also can adjust the structure to meet the customers’ demands.
Power outage recording:
Whenpower outage happens,ADBC-128M  can:
Sendthe warning message to data server
Automatically record the discharge process: discharge current, battery string voltage, cells voltage, cell temperature.
According to the discharge data, predict the actual capacity of online battery strings
Whenthe external power recovered
Automatically record the charge process: charge current, battery string voltage, cells voltage
All discharge & charge data would be saved in the internal memory, and can be download to data server
High accuracy & self-calibration:
Unique calculation of the battery strings voltage effectively decease the deviation inconnection. ADBC-128M support self- calibration for all parameters in the software without extra accessor.

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Technical specification of the device:

TYPE ADBC-128M-30 ADBC-128M-40 ADBC-128M-50
Technical Parameters Resolution Accuracy Resolution Accuracy Resolution Accuracy
Azimuth Angle 0.01° <5° 0.01° <5° 0.01° <5°
Title Angle 0.01° <0.5°(±90°) 0.01° <0.5°(±90°) 0.01° <0.5°(±90°)
Roll Angle 0.01° <1° 0.01° <1° 0.01° <1°
Height ±1m
GPS Range 0~10m 0~5m
Basic Function calibration, sending test tasks, sleep mode,on-site framing,

one touch test, base station antenna automaticpositioning

Positioning Mode GPS GPS+Beidou
Protection Level IP68 IP54 IP68
Network Type GSM, WCDMA All network type
Transmission Mode Wireless network, WIFI
Communication Port Mini USB
Battery Capacity 2600mAh 3200mAh 3000mAh
Temperature Range -30° C ~80°C -30° C ~80°C -30° C ~80°C
Security EN610950
Dimensions 130×70×20mm 180×95×13mm 150x78x13mm
Weight 350g 300g 230g
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