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ADCB-6B Circuit Breaker Tester

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General information about ADCB-6B Circuit Breaker Tester:
ADCB-6B High Voltage Circuit Breaker Tester is used to test the dynamic characteristics of high voltage and low voltage circuit breaker. It is easier operation and higher accuracy than traditional device. Compared with ADCB-6A,6B series add a laptop and software inside according to customer’s requirement.
5.7inch 640 × 480 color touch screen, high speed thermal printer which is convenient for on-site printing of test data and curves ;
Integrated operating power, more convenient and fast for on-site use;Supply voltage is 30V ~ 300V adjustable, current is 20A, continuous working time is 3s;
Realize three kinds of test
1-Routine tests, measuring the switch opening/closing time, bounce time, the same period time; Also,measuring the speed of opening/closing, maximum speed, average speed, open distance,over travel speed;
2-Re-closing test, measuring the switch re-closing time data of open/close,close/open,open/close/open;
3-Low voltage test, measuring close/open coil voltage operation value, power supply voltage can be adjusted continuously;
Three modes of close/open brake control
1-Support Inter synchronous control,inner power DC voltage ourput to close/open brake coil;
2-Support External synchronous control,outer power power supply voltage to close/open brake coil;
3-Support idle contact synchronous control, switch supply voltage to close/open brake coil.Inner supply two channel passive idle contacts.
Wave record functions,display fracture status accorded with time coordinate,like time curve, travel-Time (S-t) curve, coil current – time (I-t) is beneficial for accurate testing of failure switch.
Large capacity memory, Built-in USB stick or external USB stick for optional.
USB disk with capacity of 4G, on-site data can be mass storage, inner or external USB stick for optional.The instrument has one standard USB interface, easy to export the test data; For external USB stick,it is convenient to plug in and out .For built-in USB stick,it can connect PC directly.
Simultaneously test 6channel fracture,1channel speed and 1channel current.
1-Test 6channels fracture data.With inner anti-interference circuit to withstand 10kV high voltage on-site;
2-Test 1channel speed.Equipped with linear sensor, angular velocity sensor, covering almost all types of switch;
In the inner synchronous mode, it can test one channel current through close/open coil;
The software of PC layer can open test data,that is managing and analyzing test data, also generating test report, exporting EXCEL data etc;
Built-in anti-interference circuit:can be used for 500kV substation, ensures safety of equipment and personnel.Stable, accurate test;
Dustproof and waterproof sealed plastic box: Dust-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion plastic sealed box, small size, light weight, easy to carry.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Maximum speed: 20m / s, Resolution: 0.01m / s; Accuracy: ± 1.0% *reading ± 0.05;
Test range of route: 6mm ~ 400mm;
Min resolution of route: 0.1mm; accuracy: ± 1.0%* reading ± 0.1mm;
Time Test Range: 10ms ~ 15s,
Time resolution: 0.1ms; time test accuracy: ± 0.5%* reading ± 0.2ms;
The same period difference resolution of min.operation: 0.1ms;
Test Accuracy: ± 0.5%*reading ± 0.1ms;
Test channels: 8 channels including 6 channels fracture time,1 channel speed,1 channel coil current;
Power Supply: AC220V ± 10%; 50Hz ± 1Hz;
Operating power supply output: DC voltage 30V ~ 300V adjustable, current 20A, digital program-controlled adjustment,continuous working time 3s;

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