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ADFR-6A Transformer Frequency Response Analyzer

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General information about ADFR-6A Transformer Frequency Response Analyzer
ADFR-6A Transformer Frequency Response Analyzerdetects transformer winding movements resulting from shipping damage, subjection to low impedance through faults, or general looseness of clamping structures brought on by normal effects of aging, in distribution and power transformers. It can reduce unplanned maintenance costs, and provide the possibility to improve system reliability by preventing outages.
Windows operating system
Simple wiring, easy to use.
Simple and convenient management of test data.
Access database to save test data.
Using the most popular method of sweeping frequency to measure.
6kV or above transformer can be measured.
The transformer can be tested even with no cover and dismounting.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Input impedance of acquisition channel: 1MW
Quantization accuracy of acquisition channel: 12 bit
Max.sampling rate of each channel: 20Msps
Measuring range of sweep frequency: 10Hz-10mHz
Max static error of the acquisition channel: 0.5%
Max storage capacity of each channel: 64K sampling point
Wide measuring dynamic range: -100dB-20dB
Sweeping mode: Scaling Logarithmic or Linear

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