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ADIP-602PP Smart High Precision Pressure Transmitter

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General information about ADIP-602PP Smart High Precision Pressure Transmitter
pressure transmitter is the best high performance pressure transmitters provided by ADIP-602PP Electronic Engineering Co, Ltd. It translate the Physical signal collected from pressure, differential pressure,level etc into standard signal, by collecting cell sensor and digital processing circuit.
Our ADIP-602PP have the best precision and signal uniformity by applying advanced specified integrated circuit digital technology. Each set transmitter has the Environmental temperature characteristic compensation in our factory, to ensure max precision and mini drift.
Accurate, Stable, Reliable.
We provide a full series of smart pressure transmitter that including:
Smart High PrecisIon Pressure Transmitter
Smart Pressure Transmitter
Smart Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter
Smart High Precision Differential Pressure Transmitter
Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter
Smart Single Flange Differential Pressure Transmitter
High Temperature Double Flange Differential Pressure Transmitter
pressure transmitters are suitable for:
Gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement in gases, steam or liquids in all areas of of engineering process and measurement.
Level, volume or mass measurement in liquids.
Working with detecting element, measure the flow of gases, steam and liquid flow.( volume and mass flow)
High process temperatures up to 280℃ with diaphragm seals.
High pressure up to 700bar.
Accurate, Stable, Reliable.
High reference accuracy up to 0.075%.
High long-term stability.
Range down ratio 100:1.
Module design, electronic module and display unit is replaceable without standard ordering.
Menu based interface operation, Chinese and English language can be switched easily.
Factory default data recovery is supportive.
HART, PROFIBUS-PA or FF protocol for option

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Technical specification of the device:

Reference Accuracy:The stated reference accuracy includes linear precision, hysteresis and repeatability.

MODEL Reference Accuracy
ADIP-602PP-55 Up to ±0.075% of range span

When span range ratio is greater than 10:1, the accuracy= the accuracy of set span± [0.015+0.005(URL/set span]%

ADIP-602PP-59 Up to ±0.075% of range span

When span range ratio is greater than 10:1, the accuracy= the accuracy of set span± [0.025+0.005(URL/set span]%

ADIP-602PP-58 Up to ±0.075% of set span +diaphragm seals  impact

When span range ratio is greater than 10:1, the accuracy= the accuracy of set span± [0.025+0.005(URL/set span]%+diaphragm seals  impact)


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