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ADIP-605TP High Temperature Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter

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General information about ADIP-605TP High Temperature Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter:
1. High reference accuracy up to 0.075%, higher on request.
2. Long-term drift ≤±0.25%URL for 1 year.
3. Range down ratio 100:1; higher on request.
4. Replaceable display unit & electronic module.
5. Universal electronics.
6. Menu-guided operation.
7. Factory default data recovery is supportive
8. Hart, PROFIBUS-PA or FF protocol for option.
Gauge & absolute pressure measurement in gases, steam or liquids in all areas of of engineering process and measurement.
Level measurement in liquids.
High process temperatures up to 280℃ with diaphragm seals.
It can be used below particular occasiaon
1. Need to isolate the high temperature medium with transmitter
2. The measuring medium is corrosive to the transmitter
3. The measuring medium solidification or crystallization due to environmental or temperature changes
4. Suspended liquid or high viscosity medium

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Technical specification of the device:
Applicable media:liquid, gas and steam
Pressure range:-100KPa~6MPa
Accuracy:0.075%, higher on request
Stability:±0.25% of URL for 1 year
Temperature drift:±0.0625% of URL/10ºC
Output signals:4~20mA, Hart, PROFIBUS-PA for option
Housing material:Aluminum14
Mechanical connection:M20×1.5;G1/2;1/2NPT
Protection class:IP66/67
Diaphragm material:316L, Alloy C-276, Monel, Tantalum diaphragm, 316L with PTFE coating etc for option
Fluid filled:Silicon oil,Vegetable oil,Inert oil ,High temperature oil etc for option
Ex-proof:Exia II CT4, other option per request
Power Supply:10.5-55V DC 10.5-30V DC
Ambient temperature:-40 to 85ºC,-40 to 80ºCfor LCD header
Storage temperature:-45 to 85ºC,-40 to 80ºC for LCD header ;

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