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ADIP-606ST Stainless Pressure Transmitter

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General information about ADIP-606ST Stainless Pressure Transmitter:
integral pressure transmitter adopts stainless steel shell structure, built in stainless steel oil filled sensor, intelligent digital circuit with precise temperature characteristic compensation, it can be used reliably and stably
It is suitable for gas, liquid, steam pressure measurement and pressure measurement with corrosive media, it can also be used for level measurement

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Technical specification of the device:
Applicable media:Liquid, Gas, Steam
Pressure range:0-0.2~-100kPa, 0-0.2~1000kpa, 60mPa
Pressure measurment:Gauge Pressure, Absolute pressure, Negative pressure, Sealing pressur
Stability:±0.25% FS/year
Zero drift:50% of full range span.
Max overload:250% of sensor range
Output signals:4~20mA, 1-5V
Display:LED (Optional)
Housing material:304 stainless steel
Mechanical connection:M20×1.5; 1/2-18NPT, Customized
Power supply:Non-explosion: 10.5~45V DC/ EEX ia:10.5~30 V DC
Ambient temperature:-40~85℃
Compensation temperature:-10~70℃
working temperature:-10~70℃

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