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ADIP-607ET Economic Smart Pressure Transmitter

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General information about ADIP-607ET Economic Smart Pressure Transmitter
pressure transmitter is the economical model of pressure transmitters provided by ADIP-607ET Electronic Engineering Co, Ltd. It transforms the physical signal of pressure, differential pressure and level etc into standard signal, by collecting cell sensor and digital processing circuit.
ADIP-607ET  series has the precision and signal uniformity by applying advanced specified integrated circuit digital technology. Each set of transmitter is ambient temperature compensated in our factory, to ensure max precision and mini drift in wide working temperature range.
1-Accurate, Stable, Reliable.
2-Reference accuracy up to 0.2%.
3-Long-term stability.
4-Range ratio 10:1.
5-Factory reset supportive.
6-With MODBUS communication protocol.
ADIP-607ET pressure transmitters are suitable for:
1-Gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement in gases, steam or liquids in all areas of engineering process and measurement.
2-Level, volume or mass measurement in liquids.

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Technical specification of the device:
Applicable media:liquid, gas and steam
Pressure range:0~70MPa
Stability:±0.3% of URL for 5 years
Temperature drift:±0.05% of URL/10ºC
Output signals:4~20mA, Modbus
Display:LCD, or pointer optional
Housing material:Aluminum14
Mechanical connection:M20×1.5;G1/2;1/2NPT
Protection class:IP66/67
Ex-proof:Exia II CT4, Exd II CT
Power Supply:10.5-55V DC
Ambient temperature:-40 to 85ºC,-40 to 80ºCfor LCD header
Storage temperature:-45 to 85ºC,-40 to 80ºC for LCD header ;
Measurement:with display:110*84*136 (mm)
Net Weight:1.3kg (without bracket or process connection)

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