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ADIP-611MW Micro Low Differential Pressure Transmitter for Wind Pressure

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General information about ADIP-611MW Micro Low Differential Pressure Transmitter for Wind Pressure
intelligent pressure transmitter is assembled with aluminum housing and stress isolation technology. Integrated structure design lead to compact layout. With intelligent compensation technology, it is suitable for wind pressure,wind speed & flow measurement. It is widely used in various industrial fields as well as intelligent building and other construction projects, such as power plant boiler primary air,secondary air measuring, mine ventilation,indoor ventilation, boiler air ,pressure of fan, air duct pressure, Metro wind pressure and environment wind pressure test.
It is the best micro pressure measurement equipment for textile machinery,natural gas pipeline monitoring,dust removal system, HVAC,clean laboratory and medical equipment etc.

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Technical specification of the device:
Applicable media:Gas
Pressure range:-10Pa~100Pa, -100kPa~+100kPa
Pressure Measurement:Gauge pressure, Differential pressure
Accuracy:0.2%, 0.5%
Maximum static pressure:70 KPa
Max overload:250% of sensor range
Output signals:4~20mA
Housing material:Aluminum14
Induct Pressure Connection:M 8×1 female or Ø 8 dowel connection
Power Supply:Non-explosion: 10.5~45V DC/ EEX ia:10.5~30 V DC
Ambient temperature:-40~85℃
Compensation temperature:-10~70℃
Working temperature:-10~70℃
Ex-proof:Exia II CT4, other option per request
Net weight:347.5g

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