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ADIP-612SC Good Long-term Stability Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor

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General information about ADIP-612SC Good Long-term Stability Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor
ADIP-612SC series is dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor made by special technology processed ceramic. Ceramic is a well-known material with long-range elasticity, anti-corrosion, wear & shock resistance and anti-vibration. Thermal stability of the ceramic makes its operating temperature range up to -40 to 135 ℃ with high accuracy and high stability in measurement. Its anti-overload capacity is up to 100 times of the range, completely solved poor overload in small range of other sensors. In addtion to general ranges of normal sensors, its most outstanding characteristic is the positive and negative gauge pressure function, such as: ± 10kPa, ± 1MPa and so on. With high output and wide range, ADIP-612SC ceramic capacitive sensor is especially suitable for manufacturing of high-performance industrial control pressure transmitter and harsh environment pressure measurement.
Quick Information:
1. Dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor
2. Robust ceramic capacitive sensitive diaphragm
3. Excellent performance in corrosion and abrasion application
4. Suitable for pollution and corrosive environment
5. Flat large round diaphragm, easy installation
6. Superb positive and negative gauge pressure function
7. Highest overload up to 100 times of pressure range
8. Rapid response, no hysteresis
9. Wide operating temperature range -40~135℃
10. Sensor specific signal conditioning
11. 0.5 … 4.5V & I²C available, SPI & 4~20mA optional
1. Pressure measurement of gas, vapor or liquid in various areas
2. Liquid level, volume or mass measurement
3. Integrated in a variety of user-defined solutions

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Technical specification of the device:
Pressure range:0~10MPa
Permissible temperature:Compensation Temperature
Operation Temperature:Environment Temperature
Storage Temperature:-20~70℃/-40~135℃/-40~85℃/-40~85℃
Accuracy:0.2%FS, 0.5%FS, 1%FS
Output signals:0.5~4.5v, I2C, 4~20mA
Long-term stability:0.1%FS/year
Power supply:2.5~5.5VDC
Sensor type:Ceramic capacitive
Pressure type:Gauge pressure, sealing pressure, absolute pressure
Application:Suitable for pollution and corrosive environment
Overload:Highest 100 times of measuring range
Linearity:Maximum linearity: <0.2%FS
Hysteresis:Repeatability: <0.1% FS

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