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ADIP-616SO Diezoresistive Silicon Oilless Pressure Sensor

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General information about ADIP-616SO Diezoresistive Silicon Oilless Pressure Sensor:
ADIP-616SO series is MEMS technology based piezoresistive silicon sensor. It uses ceramic housing without isolation diaphram and silicon oil. ADIP-616SO is different with tranditonal diffused silicon diaphram-free sensors: pressure media touches directly with the back of pressure chip (the side without circuit), ensuring durability and long-term stability of the sensor. It is a kind of low cost and high performance OEM pressure measuring sensor designed for clear and non-corrosive gas and liquid.
Every sensor was strictly temperature compensated for both zero and span before shipment to ensure measurement accuracy in complex environment.
Automation control
Pressure instruments
Level measurement
Pressure transmitters
For measuring non-corrosive gas and liquid
Simple structure in low cost
Suitable for small and medium pressure (0-40Kpa…2.5Mpa)
Compensation temperature 0-70℃
Typical output: 0-100mV
Ventilating Gauge pressure (G)

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Technical specification of the device:

Parameters Min. Typical Max.
40Kpa ±0.20 ±0.30
>40Kpa ±0.10 ±0.20
Hysteresis ±0.05 ±0.1
Repeatability ±0.05 ±0.1
Zero -5 0 5
Span(FS) 95 100 105
Temp. characters
 Operation Temp.(℃)3 -40 125
Compensation Temp(℃) 0 70
Zero Temp.error(%FS)4 -0.75 ±0.5 0.75
Span Temp. error(%FS)4 -0.75 ±0.5 0.75
Thermal hysteresis(%FS) 0.1
Long term Stability
   Zero (±%FS annual) 0.1
   Span (±%FS annual) 0.1
Supply Voltage 10VDC 14VDC
Input Resistance 6kΩ 8kΩ 10kΩ
Output Resistance 2.5kΩ 3kΩ 3.7kΩ
Load Resistance5 5MΩ
Insulation Resistance(50V)6 50MΩ
Pressure Range 0-40Kpa…2.5Mpa
Pressure Overload 2X Rated pressure or 3.5Mpa (take the smaller)
Pressure Breakdown 1.5X Rated pressure or 4Mpa (take the smaller)
Pressure Media Clear gas and clear non-corrosive liquid compatible with ceramic, silicon, glass, Silica( measuring range smaller than1Mpa)/ epoxy resin adhesive (measuring range higher than 1Mpa)
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