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ADIP-617CP Capacitive Pressure Sensor

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General information about ADIP-617CP Capacitive Pressure Sensor
ADIP-617CP Metal Capacitive Pressure Sensor has special sealing method. In the closed chamber it integrates a temperature diode which provide real-time temperature parameters for digital compensation circuit after the sensor. Thus, the sensor provide accurate temperature compensation. Accuracy level of transmitters manufactured through this method normally will be up to 0.1%.
Chemical, Power, Steel and other industrial field.
Wide and large pressure range
Constant current power supply
Isolated construction, possible to various media
OEM differential pressure sensor
316L stainless steel
High static pressure

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Technical specification of the device:
Sensor Technical Property
Accuracy Level:0.1% 0.2% 0.5%
Annual Stability:0.2% of Full Span
Temp. Range:(-40~+104)℃
Temp. Influence:Zero error is ±0.25%/10℃ of span
Span Error:±0.5%/10℃ of span

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