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ADIT-1A Transformer Winding Impedance Tester

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General information about ADIT-1A Transformer Winding Impedance Tester
ADIT-1A TransformerWinding Impedance Testeris suitable for short circuit impedance measurement of 35kV main transformers. On-site and laboratory test are both ok.
LCD screen, data can be read clearly even in direct sunlight.
Measurement data is accurate.
Single phase measurement mode. When selecting transformer connection, each phase short circuit impedance can be obtained automatically after three times measurements.
Voltage, current and power can be measured at the same time. The frequency of imposed power supply is also measured.
With memory to storage data.
Small size and light weight.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Measurement accuracy
Voltage, Current:0.2%
Power:cosφ>0.1 0.5%/cosφ≤0.1 1.0%
Impedance:cosφ>0.1 0.5%/cosφ≤0.1 1.0%
Measurement range of voltage:AC 10V-600V
Measurement range of current:AC 0.5A-60A
Working temperature:-10℃–50℃
Power supply:AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz
Weight:About 5kg

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