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ADIT-619PT Smart High Precision Temperature Transmitter

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General information about ADIT-619PT Smart High Precision Temperature Transmitter
Our  field bus ADIT-619PT  temperature transmitter . For temperature sensor we can provide the thermal resister, thermocouple etc usually used in industry, we can also provide special sensor, including high temperature type,high pressure type,health type,with special material or with coating etc sensor. Customized sensor is also acceptable.
1.High precision, digital precision up to :±0.01ºC
2.Long-term drift<0.1/year
3.Install easily, more flexiable
4.To reduce the overall cost of installation,maintenance and running.
5.4~20mA/Hart/Profibus PA output all available
6.Self-diagnostics function
7.LCD display, Menu-guided operation.

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Technical specification of the device:

Measuring media liquid, gas and steam
Measuring range -270~800 ℃ (PT100 thermal resistor)
 0~1300℃,  (Thermocouple K)
Power supply range 9~45V (9~24V, Ex)
Output signal 4~20mA/Hart/Profibus PA
Digital Accuracy ±0.01℃, PT100 input
Internal cold end compensation error <0.25℃±0.1%/10℃
Temperature drift ±0.05%/10℃full-scale range
0.1% between-10°C to 60°C
Effect of power supply on range <0.005%/V full-scale range
Long term drift <0.1/year
Allowable temperature Ambient temperature  Storage temperature
T4 Safe operation(T6)
-40…85℃ -40…60℃ -40…95℃
Protection Class IP66/67
Relative humidity ≤98%, condensation allowed
Electromagnetic compatibility Accordance with EN 61 326
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