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ADNB-6300 Battery Quality Analyzer

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General information about ADNB-6300 Battery Quality Analyzer
to prevent faults or quality issues in critical battery back-up applications caused by defects in stationary batteries , ADNB-6300 battery quality analyzer enables the user to diagnose and evaluate the performance a the degree of ageing by testing the conditions of individual batteries (500V max) in type of cell, module or pack .
ADNB-6300 can handle virtually all battery testing (e.g aged status of battery under test and the condition of a power system) in systems that use high-voltage battery packs , such as ESS,EV,HEV and PV as well as UPS.
1-measures internal resistance of 500V max of batteries
2-measures voltages at battery (DC1000V)
3-measures voltage of UPS (AC500V)
4- measures ripple voltage , current and temperature.
5- measure capacity of battery
6-diagnoses ageing of battery and predicts its use life (to determine timing for replacement)
7- can conduct history management of battery using 8MB memory
8-auto hold and data storage
9-prints out measurement data in reports
10- transmits measurement data to remote locations (e-mail, server using mobile app)
11-battery management using identification code.

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