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General information about ADOF-113O OTDR
Featuring intuitive touchscreen controls, real-time data analysis, and more, the ADOF-113O is the ideal test instrument for constructing, deploying, maintaining, and authenticating FTTx networks – as well as verifying access networks. Multiple models and configuration options ensure your unique measurement needs are covered. Dual or multiple wavelengths and a choice of dynamic ranges (spanning from 28 to 39dB) are also available.
Key Benefits:
1-High performance OTDR for FTTx and RFoG networks
2-LCD touchscreen places power and convenience at your fingertips
3-Excellent short-distance performance with 0.8m event dead zone and 4m attenuation dead zone
4-Broad dynamic range coverage (28 – 39 dB)
5-Minimum 5cm resolution
6-Intelligent analysis of events
7-Excellent stability and repeatability
8-FiberPass” intelligent analysis feature
9-Multiple options for your measurement needs, including: VFL, power meter, light source, and
10-optical fiber microscope
11-Complete user data ports: support LAN, USB, SD, & more
12-The results support a variety of analysis functions, such as ORL, 4pt, define section etc

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Technical specification of the device:
Wavelength Accuracy(nm):±20
Event Dead Zone(m):≤0.8m
Attenuation Dead Zone(m):≤4m
Distance Range:100m, 400m, 1.5km, 3km, 6km, 12km, 25km, 50km, 100km, 200km, 400km
Sampling Resolution(m):0.05~12.8
Sampling Point:256000
Distance Accuracy(m):±(0.75m + 0.001% x Distance + Sampling Resolution)
Loss Threshold:0.01dB
Loss Resolution:0.001 dB
Pulse Width:3ns, 5ns, 10 ns, 30 ns, 50 ns, 100 ns, 200 ns, 500 ns, 1μs, 2μs, 5μs, 10μs, 20μs
Measurement Time Range:5s~5min, real time
Memory Capacity:>10,000 OTDR traces, exportable to USB or Computer
General Specifications
Display:7 inch (178mm) 800×480 dot matrix TFT touch screen
Interface:USB2.0 ×2, RJ45×1, TF×1(Max,64GB)
Battery Autonomy:8 hours of measurement usage (Max)
Language:Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian (German, Korean and Arabic are optional)

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