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ADOT-1100D Oil Dew Point Tester

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General information about ADOT-1100D Oil Dew Point Tester
Oil Dew Point Tester is applied to measure precisely trace moisture the measured sample contains.The technology is widely used for accuracy and cheap test cost. It measures precisely trace moisture on liquid ,solid and gas samples according to the technology. It’s used in electricity, petroleum, chemicals, foods and so on.
Using improved PWM electrolysis circuit to reduce the power dissipation of the instrument
High precise measuring electrode signal and circuit detection make the electrolytic end decision quickly and precisely with strong anti-interference ability.
Using methods of electrolyte blank current compensation and electrolyte balance drift compensation to devise testing result.
Built in three calculation formula to generate report automatically.
The buttons regulating mixing speed have ten speeds(0~9speed)
Measuring electrode open-circuit fault and short circuit fault automatically.
It can store 256 history records with time.Calender clock with temperature can automatically store testing date and time accurately,which can work 10 years above with power down.
When the instrument does not work for long time, the LCD screen will shut down automatically to protect the screen and last the screen life. Press any buttons to quit the screen protection.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Electrolysis current:Max.400mA
Max electrolysis speed:Max.2.4mg/min
Measuring range:10ug ~ 100mg
Precision:±3ug for 10ug ~ 1mg/RSD 0.3% or less for 1mg or more
Ambient Temperature:5 ~ 35 ℃
Ambient humidity:≤85% RH
Power Supply:AC220V±20% 50HZ±10% ,40VA
Dimensions:270×210×125 (mm)
Weight:5 kg
Maximum power consumption:30W

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