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ADOT-1200D Oil Dew Point Tester

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General information about ADOT-1200D Oil Dew Point Tester
Oil Dew Point Tester uses Coulometric Karl Fischer titrators for Coulometric water determination. This instrument uses powerful new generation processing units and brand new peripheral circuit and that the superior low power consumption make it capable to use small size storage battery and portable. Judging the electrolysis endpoint is based on testing electrode signal and the stability and accuracy are the vital factors of determination precision. Applying advanced components and methods make it capable to detect the electrode signal accurately. New software compensation revision determination is applied and determination precision is highly improved based on the deep knowledge of electrolyte characteristics. Big LCD screen with touch screen button. Display interface has graphic and words showed simultaneously thus it is direct and friendly.
240X128 point array graphic LCD screen, touchscreen button, friendly human-machine interface.
Constant current source, low power consumption.
Capable to work for more than 6 hours constantly under normal testing when the built-in battery is fully charged. (For the portable instrument with battery built in)
Complete charging circuit of built-in battery, functions of testing and displaying battery capacity. (For the portable instrument with battery built in)
High-precision testing of the generating of electrode signal and detecting circuit for fast and accurate judging the electrolysis endpoint, high anti-interference capacity.
Two methods of electrolyte blank current compensation and balance point drift compensation to revise testing results.
Testing electrode signal is showed by histogram indicating water content in electrolyte.
Electrolyzing speed changing curve in pace with time is described in real time so that the complete electrolyzing process can be watched on and according to the curve, electrolyte losing effectiveness or not can be judged.
10 gears for speed regulating, 10 gears for electrolyzing gain regulating.
Functions of detecting electrode circuit breaking down fault and short circuit fault.
Automatically save history records with time tab, maximum to 255 records.
Calendar clock with temperature compensation, has accurate timing, automatically records the determined dates and time and can work for more than 10 years on power down mode.
USB interface for communication with PC.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Precision Technical:
Electrolyte Water content Resolution
10ug~1000ug ±3ug
>1000ug 0.3%
General Technical:
Measurement Range: 0ug-100mg
Resolution: 0.1ug
Electrolyzing Current: 0~400mA
Max Electrolyzing Speed: 2.4mg/m
Voltage Source: AC220V±20%
Max power consumption: 30W
Operating Ambient temperature:10~35℃
Operating Ambient humidity: ≤85%
Dimension: 320×260×180mm
Net weight: 6kg

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