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ADOT-1500MS Multi-Function Shaker

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General information about ADOT-1500MS Multi-Function Shaker
Multi-Function Shaker is used in laboratory to heat, shake, degas various kinds of liquid under constant temperature and a fixed time. It is controlled by mico-computer to realize man-machine interaction.
240*128 LCD display.
Small size, light weight and low noise.
Easy operation, control temperature is accurate.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Temperature measurement range: 0~120℃
Temperature control range: Room temperature to 110℃
Temperature control method: Digital PID auto control
Temperature control accuracy: Room temperature to 50℃, ±0.2℃; 50℃~100℃,±0.3℃;100~110℃; ±0.5℃
Shaking frequency: 275±3 times/minute
Shaking amplitude: 35mm
Quantity of samples: Injector 100ml *8pcs; conical flask 250ml *4pcs
Working modes: A. Chromatography degassing: Constant temperature at 50℃, shaking for 20 mins, static for 10 mins. B. Water-soluble acid: Constant temperature at 75℃, shaking for 5 mins, static for 0 minute.C. User defined: Constant temperature 0 to 110℃ at any setting; shaking 0-99 mins at any setting; static 0~99 minutes at any setting. D. Start and stop by hand
Voltage: AC220V±20%
Frequency: 50Hz±5%
Max. power consumption: 800W
Environment temperature: 10℃-40℃
Environment humidity: ≤85%
Dimension: 500 X 350 X 400mm
Weight: 35 kg

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