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ADRP-1300T Relay Protection Tester

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General information about ADRP-1300T Relay Protection Tester
ADRP-1300T Relay Protection microcomputer test device play a key role in operating electricity power systems reliably and safely.It is the testing device used in professional field of microcomputer protection,relay protection,excitation measurement,fault recorder.
Embedded host machine, equipped with big programmed CPLD(Complex Programmable Logic Device)
12channels D/A output simultaneously in a single machine
High precise linear power amplifier,5 voltage outputs and 3 current outputs simultaneously
8inch LCD screen display.Provide with keyboard/mouse connecting port,also 2USB port,2 RS232 port,to communicate with PC and other communication devices
Easy to carry,suitable for flexible testing and wild working
Intelligent self-protection
8channels switching value input and 4channels switching value output.Input contact is idle contact and 0-250V potential contact for selectable,intelligent identification
Plentiful Binary and powerful software function
Two groups of DC power supply, 110VDC/1.0A&220VDC/0.6A,no need to set and adjust by software(Optional).

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Technical specification of the device:
Main rated specification:
AC current output
Three phase AC:
Phase current output (effective value): 3*0~30A/phase
Max. output power: 260VA/phase
Max. parallel connection current output (effective value): 0~90A
Phase current allowable effective value: <10A/phase
Max.current allowable working time: <10s
Accuracy: <±0.2%
Lapped overtone times: 0-21times
Output range: -10-10Aor 3*0 — ±10A
Max.output power: 200VA
Accracy: <±0.2%
AC voltage output
AC five phase:
Phase voltage output (effective value): 5×0~130V/phase
Line voltage output (effective value): 0~260V
Max.output power: 70VA/phase
Accuracy: <±0.2%
Lapped overtone times: 0-21times
Output range: 0-300V or 5*0–±130V
Max.output power: 130VA
Accuracy: <±0.2%
Binary input
Idle contact: 1-20mA, 24V (DC)
Electric potential contact: 0-250V (DC)
Binary output
Idle contact: 250V/0.5A(DC)
Other rated specification:
Rated output:
Frequency error: <±0.01HzHz
Phase error: <±0. 2°
Waveform distortion: <±0.3% (fundamental wave)
Time error: <40µs
Output frequency: 0-1050Hz
Lapped overtone times: 0-21times
Power voltage:
Allowable range: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±10%
Ambient temperature:
Use range: 0~45℃
Storage range: -25~70℃
Time measurement:
Test range: 0.1ms~999999.999s
Cabinet dimension:
360mm(L)×195mm(W) ×375mm(H)
Cabinet weight:
host machine: 16.6kg

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