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ADRTM-200 Contact Resistance Tester

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General information about ADRTM-200 Contact Resistance Tester (Manual)
ADRTM-200 Contact Resistance Tester is designed to measure circuit loop resistance(contact resistance) of high/low voltage switch,power cable and wires,and weld joint.It is also known as Micro-ohmmeter.
Small size, light weight, good anti-interference performance;
high precision, easy operation and perfect protection function;
Over-current,short circuit,over heat protection.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Input voltage: AC220V±20%,50HZ
Output current:: DC98-200A continuous adjustment
Test current: DC 100A,200A
Resolution: 1μΩ
Measure range: 0-1999μΩ(100A); 0-1mΩ (200A)
Display:Red Nixie tube display

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