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ADSP-8003O Optical Emission Spectrometer

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General information about ADSP-8003O Optical Emission Spectrometer
ADSP-8003O Spectrometer provides the ideal performance and fit for product assurance testing and material identification. This spectrometer delivers maximum confidence and reliability based on CCD technology.
ADSP-8003O Spectrometer is most suitable instruments for the determination of various elements in different matrices. In steel, raw iron, cast iron, non-ferrous metal production a fully or even partially automated analysis results in a cost reduction. In order to meet individual requirements, modular systems have been developed for laboratory automation. This also gives the user a truly spectrometer with multi-base capability (Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Ti, Ni, Pb, etc) that’s both easy to use and space saved.
1.High accuracy and affordable
2.Complete analysis within a few seconds.
3.Optimized to customer requirements and optimal advisory services.
4. Extreme sensitivity due to latest CCD technology and software.
5. Adding additional analysis modules without any change of hardware.
6. Technology support and software update for free.
7. Wavelength coverage 130nm-800nm, permitting simultaneous analysis for up to 31 elements.
8. Available for routine analysis of small sample, diameter from 1mm to 8mm.
9. Humanized design, configuring as a bench top or floor model with storage possibilities for consumables and spares.
ADSP-8003O Spectrometer is designed by Wuxi Create Analytical Instrument Co., LTD. By using the CCD technology, the ADSP-8003O is a preferred choice for the analysis of the elements concentration in metal. This instrument is widely used in the areas of metallurgy, foundry, machinery, automobile manufacturing, aerospace industry, weapon manufacture, metal processing and other fields.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Optical System:
Optical Structure:Paschen-Runge mount
Rowland circle of diameter:350nm
Wavelength range:130nm-800nm/200nm-800nm
Detector:High resolution CCD Multi detectors
Degree of vacuum:Auto control within 6-15 pa
Pixel resolution:30pm
full spectrum
Light room temperature is controlled automatically
Spark Source:
Type:Digital arc and spark source/New plasma generator
Spark Frequency:100-1000HZ
Plasma current:1-80A
Ignition voltage:>7000V
Spark Stand:
Argon flushed with minimal consumption of Argon
Spray discharge electrode technology
Adjustable sample clamp
Measurable elements:Fe base, Al base, Cu base, Zn base, ect
Weight:About 100kg
Storage Temperature:0℃-45℃
Operating temperature:10℃-30℃, 23±2℃ is recommended
Power:AC220V/50Hz (Customized)
Power consumption:Excitation: 700W / Stand by:100W
Argon quality:99.999%, Argon pressure >4Mpa
Argon consumption:5L/min during spark mode

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