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ADSP-8005CS Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer

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General information about ADSP-8005CS Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer
ADSP-8005CS Sulfur Analyzer with high frequency furnace and infrared detection is the ideal instrument for rapid and precise carbon and sulfur analysis in solids, especially with metallic materials but as well with other inorganic materials like ceramics, ores, cement, clays etc. The solid sample is combusted in a ceramic crucible within a sealed high-frequency furnace which is pressurized by a flow of pure oxygen. In order to achieve optimum combustion, the power of the High Frequency furnace is adjustable. The resulting reaction gases CO2 and SO2 are measured by solid-state IR detectors. The system is characterized by its high analytical speed, precision and sensitivity combined with ease of use and almost maintenance free operation.
1.Simultaneous carbon and sulfur determination with minimal sample preparation
2.Easy to use software – we’ve kept it simple so you can focus on analysis
3.Latest Infrared Technology – We use advanced optics – no more gold reflection tube issues
4.Reliable electronics and hardware – easily find faults or blockages common to carbon and sulfur machines
5.Precise and quick measurement
6.Wide range of inorganic materials can be analyzed
7.Low maintenance.
8.Robust design allows usage in production control and laboratory
9.Auto Cleaner :Fully automatic cleaning system with noiseless and vacuum-free dust removal: no routine maintenance, vacuum free dust removal into the crucible

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Technical Specification of the device:
Measured elements:Carbon(C) 0.0001%-15.0000%/Sulfur (S) 0.0001%-5.0000%
Electronic balance:Weighing range: 0-100g resolution 0.0001g),
Furnace alignment:Vertical
Sample carrier:ceramic crucibles
Field of application:construction materials, engineering / electronics, geology /mining, glass / ceramics, steel / metallurgy
Furnace:High frequency furnace, 3.5KVA 20MHz
Detection method:solid state infrared absorption
Typical analysis time:26 – 60 s, Average: 35 s
Gas required:Industry Oxygen 99.2 %
Power requirements:AC220 V, ±5% 50Hz±2%
Dimensions (W x H x D):54 x 81 x 60 cm
Required equipment:Electronic balance, monitor, PC
Operating temperature:0-30 ℃ RH:<75%
Optional accessories:Printer, PC

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