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ADSP-8007HX Handheld XRF Alloy Analyzer

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General information about ADSP-8007HX Handheld XRF Alloy Analyzer
1. Use of high-performance Si-Pin detector, with higher detection accuracy.
2. Realization of the scene, fast, nondestructive testing (NDT), accurate detection, after 2-3 seconds directly show the alloy grades, elements, percentage content.
3. Using 40KV, 100mA, 4W X-ray tube technology make it have better detection of the lower limit and radiation safety assurance.
4. Use of intelligent light beam (Smart Beam) can test Ti, V accuracy up to 0.02%, can be a good distinction between stainless steel 304 and 321, chromium alloy P91 and 9 chromium, titanium alloy grade titanium and titanium and so on.
5. Lower detector temperature, -35 ℃ ultra-low temperature working conditions, so that the instrument has excellent resolution.
6.Higher detection accuracy, the average number of test functions can effectively improve the detection accuracy of the instrument.
7. Irregular or very small sample of intelligent detection, such as hair (0.06MM) such a fine wire can also immediately test and identify.
8. Automatic stop function, if there is no subject in front of the excitation gun, the instrument will automatically stop testing in 3 seconds to ensure safety that no radiation
9. ADSP-8007HX analyzer can identify thousands of alloy grades, which can be detected at the same time up to 300 brands; the user can define 300 kinds of alloy grades.
10. The extension of the probe can test pipeline wall, welds, small parts and other parts which are usual and difficult to detect.
11. The instrument comes with high-definition resolution display screen, can be specified in the field, view, edit test information and results.
12. Without the help of computers, editing and deleting alloy grades can be added at the scene.
13. The instrument uses aluminum alloy with a stronger cooling capacity, anti-vibration ability, and automatic anti-radiation protection device.
14. The use of user-friendly one-button design, the user in the test process does not need to suppress the button continually.
15. With a huge storage capacity, ADSP-8007HX analyzer can automatically store up to 200,000 sets of test data.
16. The test results can be connected to the computer for printing, the instrument has a standard test results version, greatly facilitate the customer editing, and print the results.
17. Brand intelligence comparison function of test results; the instrument can automatically do comparison for the internal data and the results of the machine. If the test results are higher than the standard, the results will be displayed in red color. If the content is lower than the standard, then the green color will be displayed. There are standard data for customer reference.
18. The instrument has remote monitoring function, maintenance engineers can do Internet software installation, maintenance remotely, ensure customer that the machine does not downtime with 24 hours.
19. The instrument uses Windows CE operating system, to ensure the instrument operating system more stable, more powerful.
20. The instrument comes with standard blocks, the instrument will do automatically standardization in the beginning, after standardization success, the instrument can be used normally. If the standardization does not pass, the instrument cannot be used. This is to ensure that the instrument is in the range of normal precision guarantee.
21. The instrument uses the basic parameter method (FP Method). Before testing, it does not need to understand the type of test samples, and does not need to select the test curve.
22. The test results can be converted to Excel output, but also to the personal computer or to the laptop print and archiving using of Bluetooth directly.
Configuration Table of  Handheld Alloy Analyzer ADSP-8007HX Standard:
1. X-ray fluorescence spectrometer host
2. Lithium battery (two);
3. Lithium battery charger set;
4. Dedicated data download cable (one)
5. 316 standardized sample (one)
6. A user manual (one);
7. Configure a table (one);
8. Window protection films (three);
9. US original waterproof main protection box (one).

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Technical specification of the device:
1. ADSP-8007HX alloy analyzer can analyze all the elements from titanium (Ti) to plutonium (Pu); the machine has standard 25 elements: Ti, Fe, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Zr, Nb Nb, Mo Mo, Hf, W, Ta, Re, Pb, Ag, Sn Sn, Bi Bi, Sb, Au Au, Pt, Pd Pd.
2. ADSP-8007HX alloy analyzer can analyze the alloy grades up to more than 2000. The instrument comes with alloy grades database up to 300aa variety, but meanwhile, users can customized to the add 300 kinds of alloy grades database.
3. For stainless steel, alloy steel, tool steel grade identification and composition, content testing, including commonly used stainless steel grades 201,203,304,316,321,410,430, and hundreds of species.
4. For copper alloy grades and composition testing, including brass, bronze, copper, copper and so on.
5. For a variety of mixed alloy composition and testing, including titanium, tin alloy, lead alloy, tungsten alloy, nickel alloy, zinc alloy and some aluminum alloy and so on.
6. For the detection of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, palladium.

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