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ADSP-8008MHX Mineral Handheld XRF Analyzer

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General information about ADSP-8008MHX Mineral Handheld XRF Analyzer
Mineral Handheld XRF Analyzer provide immediate results to help determine the next course of action for the entire process – exploration, ore grade/process control, environmental sustainability. On-site detection of exploring, minerals & Environmental Analysis. GPS-XRF for instant mapping, time, cost savings.
1. The Powerful Handheld XRF that Can Be Taken Anywhere
2. Light, compact and balanced design.
3. Lightning-fast data acquisition for faster testing time
4. Large-Area SDD and customized X-ray tube options for exceptional sensitivity and precision for more elements and materials
5. Advanced color touch LCD screen for clarity, brightness, responsiveness, and energy efficiency for indoor/outdoor use.
6. Providing even better sensitivity and precision in faster time for more materials than before

On-site detection of exploring
Exploration, ore grade/process control,
Environmental sustainability
Minerals & Environmental Analysis
for instant mapping, time, cost savings


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Technical Specification of the device:
Excitation Range:40KV,100mA, 4W (per application) X-ray Tube
Detector:High sensitivity Si-Pin Detector
Analytical Range:From Mg to Pu
Weight:<1.5Kg without battery
Dimensions:245 x 250 x 88 mm
Environmental Temperature Range:-20 °C to 50 °C
Processing Electronics:532MHz CPU Freescal; 1136-MX31Processor
Power:2 Rechargeable Li-ion batteries; 110-220v
Data Display:32 bit Color QVGA resolution, high-resolution 3.5-inch TFT industrial grade touch screen,
Data Storage:ROM128M, RAM128M, 2GBmicroSD/stores ~205,000 readings)
Data Transfer:USB, Bluetooth®, WIFI
Operating System:Windows CE
Detection time:10-200 S

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