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ADSP-8011MS Metal Elements Analysis Mobile Spectrometer

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General information about ADSP-8011MS Metal Elements Analysis Mobile Spectrometer
Small,light, portable and convenient for on-site working
Use American newest Silicon Drift Detector
Auto-switch filters
Large integrated alloy database can also be added new ones according to user’s needs
The integrated optical structure design based on aluminum alloy offers better heat-dissipation performance which guarantees data stability for long-time measurement
Automatically close excitation source in case of no sample
The Principle of Energy Dispersive:
X Fluorescence Spectrometer
High-energy X-ray stimulates atomic electron shell,the extranuclear electron of atoms will jump and secondary X-ray energy releases. Because the energy that different element releases possesses different characteristic. Detection system can measure the energy and quantity to calculate the elements content.
The Main Components:
High Voltage-X-Ray Tube-Detector&Pre-Amplifier-Main Amplifier-DPP-Control Module-Communication Module-Display System, etc
Currently using XRF analyzer for composition analysis of precious metals and purity judgment has become a method of reliable performance, widely application and high popularity. Moreover XRF analyzers have the support of the national standard. Compared with fire assay method and chemical reagents test method, using XRF analysis of precious metals is a much more quickly, more economic and multi-element detection method.
ROHS no halogen detection instruction
Alloy analysis field
Copper alloy composition analysis
Determination of copper and gold medal number
Stainless steel composition analysis
Stainless steel grades
Ore composition analysis

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Technical Specification of the device
SDD detector resolution: 139eV
Excitation source: X-ray tube, Ag target, end window, 50KV/100uA
Ambient temperature: -15℃-40℃
Battery: large capacity of 7800mAh which can keep 8 hours of working
Measurable elements: Mg – U
Screen: rotating 3.5 inch touch screen
Detection limit: 0.001%~0.01%
Measurement time: 3 to 60 seconds
Filters: 18 filters combination and can automatically switch

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