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ADTC-3000 Transformer Tap Changer Tester

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General information about ADTC-3000 Transformer Tap Changer Tester
ADTC-3000 is suitable to test various tap changers and arc suppression coil switch.
With high stable negative feedback constant current technology, current stability <0.1%.
All data can be obtained at one time, easy operation.
Suitable to test auto transformer.
Accurately measure Y type non-neutral point transformers.
Real waveform and data can be shown.It is important to show transient process of tap changer which is useful to analyze the tap changer.
When the inductance of winding is big, it will cause oscillation of waveform. This model use high current injection retest to avoid the problem.
Built-in printer, with memory to storage data up to 40groups.

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Technical Specification of the device:
Power input: AC220V± 10%, 50Hz±10%
Environmental temperature: -10–45℃
Humidity: ≤80%RH
Insulation resistance: >2MΩ
Leak current: <3.5mA
Test current: 3-phase independent constant current source
Test current: Charging current 1A stability 0.1%
Transition resistance: range 0.01-20Ω resolution 0.01Ω ; Accuracy 1%±2digits
Transition time: range 1-500ms resolution 0.1ms
Sampling rate: 10kHz
Accuracy 0.5%±2digits
Dimension: 280*240*170mm
Weight: about 4kg

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