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ADTC-5000 Transformer Tap Changer Tester

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General information about ADTC-5000 Transformer Tap Changer Tester
ADTC-5000 Transformer Tap Changer Tester can accurately measure the transient time, transient waveform, transient resistance, three-phase synchronization and other parameters of the load tap changer. It is an ideal device for testing load tap changer. It meets the requirements of checking the action sequence of load tap changer and measuring of switching time.
Test Y0, Y, △type transformer, the resistance will be displayed directly without conversion.
Automatically identify faults of the waveform and make a mark.
Test with winding or without winding.
The sampling data can automatically adjust resistance and time range, to display waveform.
3-phase synchronization display for ∆-type transformer.
Four terminal connection mode, with high accuracy resistance measurement.
Continuous testing, saving the power cut time of transformer.
Generate word reports, more convenient for data management and query.
Controlled by a small computer.
Color LCD touch screen, high speed printer, external mouse can be connected.
1000 sets of data can be stored.
External U disk can be used for storage.

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Technical Specification of the device:
3-phase constant current source charging, charging current: 3A/1A step, 0.6A/0.2A step
Max. Terminal voltage: 24V
Max. Range of transient resistance: 100Ω
Measuring range of transient resistance: 1A step: 0.4Ω-20Ω; 0.2A step: 10Ω-100Ω
Time length of waveform recording: 300ms
Sampling rate: 30k
Time resolution: 0.1ms
Resistance resolution: 0.1Ω
Accuracy: Transient resistance: ±5% of the reading±0.1Ω
Accuracy: Transient time: ±0.5% of the reading±0.2ms
Working condition: Temperature -10~40℃, Humidity<85% RH

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