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ADTC-624SI Small Size Intelligent Transmitter Module

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General information about ADTC-624SI Small Size Intelligent Transmitter Module
ADTC-624SI Small Size Intelligent Transmitter Module, with the main body of Microcontrollers CPU, is able to do logical operation and programming. It combines analog and digital circuit in one machine, so is able to output analog signal as well as digital signal as per customer’s requirement. Parameters configuration and compensation can be done by adjusting programs to approve accuracy grade of transmitters. Adopting connector, ADTC-624SI is transmitter, display, buttons and communication in one and same device, and can be directly connected with piezoresistive silicon sensor or ceramic piezoresistive sensor to be high performance pressure transmitter. Thus it is more cost-efficient.
1. Four-bite high light LED displaying
2. Two wires working mode provides sensors with two exciting ways – constant current and constant voltage.
3. Calibrating as per full scale realizes bulk production and assures aging test time.
4. Easy to do temperature compensation, the complete machine accuracy is better than 0.5% under -30~70℃
5. Three points calibrating, complete machine accuracy better than 0.2%. Multi-point calibrating is available as required.
6. AD accuracy > 20 bits, DA accuracy > 16 bits;
7. Multi-functions as temperature compensation, small signal wipes off, zero clearing and etc.
8. On-site adjusting can be done by bottons

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Technical specification of the device:
Supply power:DC12-32V (DC 24V is suggested)
Constant current excitation:0.4mA(suitable for diffused silicon, strain gauge sensors)
Constant voltage excitation:2.5VDC(suitable for piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensors)
Sampling rate:20~30times/s
Displaying mode:High light LED displaying,displaying 4 digits,3 digits after the decimal point
Displaying units:Ten displaying units as KPa, Pa, MPa, mmH2O, mH2O, mbar, bar, PSI, M,%
Output resolution:1uA
Temp. compensation accuracy:-30~70℃ complete machine accuracy is better than 0.5% (including accuracy of sensor)
Linearity accuracy:Complete machine linearity better than 0.2% (Multi-point calibrating is available as required)
Range ratio:10:1
Circuit protection Measurement:surge current protection, reverse power protection
Circuit design:Intrinsic safety
Isolation range:>200MΩ
Communication Protocol:Private protocol
Adjusting method:By machine head or program on pc ( zero clearance can be done on-site)
Matching transmitters:Suited for small size HIRSCHMANN displaying type transmitters
Dimensions:Length=31mm, width=20mm, mounting hole pitch=12.5mm (suited for small size columnar pressure transmitters and input type level transmitters)

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