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ADTC-629CH Capacitive HART Circuit Board

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General information about ADTC-629CH Capacitive HART Circuit Board
ADTC-629CH Capacitive HART Circuit Board uses advanced completely isolation technology. The power side is islolated by transformer, signal side isolated by optical coupler to make transmitters with good anti-interface, thus ensure high realiability and stability. Parameters configuration and compensation of transmitters can be done by buttons, HART communicators or HART configuration programs, improving precise level and accuracy of transmitters.ADTC-629CH matches capacitive differential pressure sensor and is suited for ADTC-629CH housing
1.Easy adjusting by buttons: on-site span changing by LCD module buttons free from standard pressure source; for headless type, PV reset and span correction with pressure source done by buttons on mainboard
2.High accuracy: for intelligent board, AD accuracy > 20 bits, DA accuracy > 16 bits;
3.Good stability: Linearity better than 0.1%, temperature conpensation accuracy better than 0.5%
4.Data backup and restore
5.Eletrical isolation: >1500VDC
6.Communication protocol:4~20mA output with HART protocol digital communication (two wires)
7.Adjusting method: through communicator or telemanagement via PC configuration adjusting program

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Technical specification of the device:
Supply power:DC12-32V (DC 24V is suggested)
Matching sensor:Metal capacitive sensor
Sampling rate:>20times/s
Displaying and bits:LCD with backlight, displaying 5 bits, and 4 decimal places
Displaying interface:English or Chinese,displaying pressure, temperature/current/ percentage(interactive display) and 0-100% analog displaying
Displaying units:Dozens of displaying units, kPa, m4H2O, MPa, M, inH2O etc.
Output resolution:1uA
Temp. compensation accuracy:-30~70℃ complete machine accuracy is better than 0.5% (including accuracy of sensor)
Linearity accuracy:Complete machine linearity is better than 0.2% (Multi-point calibrating is available as required)
Anti-disturbance:Power isolation, signal isolation (magnetic isolation)
Range ratio:100:01
Circuit protection Measurement:surge current protection, Reverse Power Protection
Circuit design:Intrinsic safety
Isolation range:>200MΩ
Communication Protocol:HART
Adjusting method:by buttons on LCD head or program on pc, HART communicator
Dimensions:OD=61mm, Mounting hole pitch=55.14mm (suited for gauge,differential, micro differential pressure transmitter in JT3051DH housing)
Motherboard buttons operation:reset, lower range calibration(zero drift under pressure source), upper range calibration (full scale calibration)
LCD head buttons operation:changing span units, decimal place, damping time, currant fixing, output features, current fixxing, write-protection,calibration (zero clearing, lower point and full scale calibration), language setting, media density (only unit M) and factory reset

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