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ADTC-7005I Thermal Imaging Camera

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General information about ADTC-7005I Thermal Imaging Camera:
ADTC-7005I is the third generation thermal imaging system product. With cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, including high sensitivity IR detector(25μm pixel pitch, NETD<50mK) and ergonomic design, it is the ideal choice for professional thermographers to have the most efficient instrument for building diagnostics.
Main Features:
1-Affordable price
2-UFPA detector, 384×288 pixels
3-Excellent thermal images and high accuracy: NETD<50mk at 30℃, ±2℃accuracy
4-Auto|Manual focus for one-hand operation
5-8x continuous digital zoom
6-270°rotatable LCD, Built-in 3.0 mega pixel visual camera
7-Movable and resizable P-I-P and thermal fusion
8-4 adjustable spot, 3 adjustable boxes with auto max. |min. |average temperature
9-Optional wide-angel lens & telephoto lens
10-Built-in microphone and voice annotation
11-Dew point alarm
12-Intuitive and easy operating menu
13-Real time thermal video transfer to PC via USB, remote transfer via MSN and Skype
14-Li-ion battery, more than 3 hours’ operation
15-Multi-function IRSee analysis software

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Technical specification of the device:
Detector Data:
Detector type:Uncooled FPA
IR resolution:384 x288 pixels
Pixel pitch:25 μm
Spectral range:8-14μm
Field of view (FOV)/min focus:21°x 16°/0.4m(standard lens)
distance:38°x 28°/0.3m (wide angle lens?optional)-11° x8.5° /1.2m (telephoto:lens,optional)
Spatial resolution (IFOV):1.2 mrad(standard lens)
Thermal sensitivity(NETD):<50mk at 30℃
Image Presentation:
Image Display:3.2” 270° tiltable LCD
Image modes:Thermal image,visual image,thermal fusion,PIP,WIW,thumbnail gallery
Thermal fusion:IR image shown above, below or within temp interval on visual image
Picture in Picture:Resizable and movable IR area on visual image
Digital Zoom:1-8X Continuous (Expand to SX)
Visual camera:3.0 mega pixel
Temperature range:-20℃ ~ 100℃ (Buliding)
Accuracy:±2℃ or ±2% of reading
Measurement spot:Up to 4 moveable spots
Measurement area:Up to 3 moveable boxes with max./min,/average
Line profile:Vertical, Horizontal
Isotherms analysis
Detect high/low temperature/interval
Dew point alarm:Yes
Hot/cold spot Auto detection:Max/Min/Average temp
Emissivity correction:Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
Alarm:Voice and Color
Color palettes Iron, anti-iron, feather red, black hot, white hot, medical
Set-up commands:Date/time, temperature units °C/°F/K, language, scale
Measuring Calibration:Automatic, based on inputs
Image Storage:
Storage type:4G SD card, Building-in flash
Storage Capacity:Up to 500 images in built-in flash card Up to 8000 images in 4G SD card
Storage format Standard JPEG, including measurement data
Periodic image storage user defined, 7 seconds at least .
Laser Point:
Classification type:Class II , 1mW/635nm Red
Power System:
Battery:Li-ion, ≥3 hours operating time
Charging system:In camera or AC adapter
AC Supply:110℃240V AC?50/60Hz℃5V DC outpu
Voltage:5V ±5%
Power management:Automatic shutdown(user selectable)
Environment Data:
Operating temperature range:-20℃ – +50℃
Storage temperature range:-40℃ – +70℃
Humidity(operating and storage):≦90%(non-condensing)
IP Level:IP54
Shock:25G, IEC68-2-29
Vibration:2G, IEC68-2-26
Physical Data:
Size, L x W x H:158mm × 62mm × 54mm
Weight (with battery and standard lens):400g
Size of screw nut on tripod:1/4℃-20
Data communication interfaces:
USB:Data transfer to and from PC
Audio output:Yes
Video output:PAL / NTSC
Packing Contents:
Standard:Thermal imaging camera with standard lens, 2 batteries, battery6 charger, USB cable, SD card, SD card reader, IRSee software CD-ROM, power adapter, user manual, warranty card, calibration certificate
Optional accessories:Li-ion battery, IR lens

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