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ADTC-7011GI Gas Infrared Camera

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General information about ADTC-7011GI Gas Infrared Camera:
ADTC-7011GI is with cooled detector(QWIP, NETD<25mK) to detect SF6 and NH3 gas leaks and pinpoint the gas leaks location accurately, also offers temperature measurement. It is a multifunctional device for gas leakage detection and thermograph applications.
Main Features:
1-Cooled QWIP detector, sensitivity <0.025℃, pinpoint gas leaks location quickly
2-Dual-application: gas leakage detection and thermograph application
3-Temperature range: -20℃~+500℃
4-Interchangeable lenses available
5-Built-in 5.0 MP digital camera
6-Folding and 270° rotatable display

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Technical specification of the device:
Detector Data:
Type:Cooled QWIP
IR resolution:320×256
Pixel pitch 30μm
Spectral range:9.8~11.2μm
SF6 gas sensitivity:≤0.001ml/s
FOV/Focal distance:10°×7.5°/55mm
Minimum Imaging distance:2m
Minimum imaging distance:Auto/Motor/Manual
Image Performance:
Display:5”, color LCD, 800×480 pixels
Digital zoom:1X~8X continuous
Color palletes:12 palletes(including iron, rainbow, white hot and black hot etc.)
Contrast/brightness Auto/Manual
Temperature range:-20℃~+500℃
Temperature accuracy:±2℃/±2%(reading)
Spotmeter:10 adjustable spots
Line profile:Vertical/Horizontal
Area:5 adjustable boxes with max./min./avg temperature value
Isotherms analysis:Capture high/low temperature/interval
Alarm:Voice, color
Measurement correction:Auto/Manual
Emissivity correction:Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from list of materials
Background temperature correction:Auto
Atmospheric transmissivity correction:Auto
Setting function:Date/time, temperature unit ℃/℉/K, language
Languages:10 languages(English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese)
Image Storage:
Storage card:8G SD card(can be extended to 32G)
Video output:Card reader, USB, WiFi
Storage mode:Store signal frame image or dynamic video auto/manual
IR image format JPEG, 14-bit measurement data image included
Visual light image format:Single frame, JPEG
Video storage:High definition video stored in SD card(MPEG4/H.264 format),recording time up to 1 hour for per video
Voice annotation:40s voice record, stored with per image
Periodic image storage:10s to 24h
Laser Point:
Grade/Type:Class 2, 1mW/635nm Red
SD card slot:Yes
Video output:CVBS
Audio output:Yes
Tripod:1/4” -20
Power System:
Battery type:Rechargeable li-ion battery
Battery operation time:2h
DC supply:DC: 12V
Charging system:In camera, AC adapter, car charger
Power saving:Yes
Environment Parameters:
Operation temperature range:-15℃~+40℃
Storage temperature range:-20℃~+50℃
EMC EN61000-6-4&EN61000-6-2、FCC47CFR Part15 classA、EN61000-4-8, L5
Physical Data:
Weight:≤2.5kg(with standard lens)
Gas Detection:Sulfur Hexafluoride(SF6), Ammonia(NH3), Cyanoacrylate, chlorine dioxide, acetic acid, freon-12, Ethylene, methyl ethyl ketone(MEK), etc.
Standard:Thermal imaging camera with standard 10°standard len, USB WiFi module, 2 Li-ion batteries, battery charger, adapter, car, charger, SD card, SD card, reader, software CD, warranty card, certificate, calibration book
Optional accessories:Laptop, SLR camera

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