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ADTC-7016UT UAV Temp. Measurement Module

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General information about ADTC-7016UT UAV Temp. Measurement Module
ADTC-7016UT are with advanced thermal imaging technologies and are our innovative thermal imaging products for online monitoring system.They are suitable for long-distance monitoring for machines, electrical equipment and flammable materials; they can detect potential dangers in time so as to ensure the safety in production.
Main Features:
1-384×288|640×480, 17μm uncooled FPA detector
2-Multiple motorized lenses, supporting auto focusing
3-Auto tracking of hot spots and showing the temperature values
4-Thermal images, temperature and temperature data flows are saved
5-100M network transmission temperature data
6-Compact structure with weight of 420g
7-Professional software for free

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Technical specification of the device:
Detector Data:
Type:Uncooled FPA
IR resolution:384×288
Pixel pitch:17μm
Spectral range:7.5~14μm
FOV/Minimum imaging distance:24°×18°/30cm
Image Performance:
Image enhancement:IVE image enhancement algorithm
Digital zoom:2X、4X
Color palletes:10 palletes(including iron, rainbow, white hot and black hot etc.)
Temperature range:-20℃~+200℃(can be extended to 600℃)
Temperature accuracy:±2℃/±2%(reading)
Highest temperature tracking:Display the location and value of the highest temperature point
Measurement correction:Auto
Emissivity correction:Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from list of materials
Background temperature correction:Auto
Atmospheric transmissivity correction:Auto
Fliter or window transmittance:Auto
Setting function:Date/time, temperature unit ℃/℉/K, language
Data Storage:
Temperature data:Customized UDS, use IRSee to analyze
Temperature data flow:Customized UTD, use IRSee to playback, freezable、loop、image processed when playing
Image format:JPG format
Video format:AVI format, H.264 compression
SD card:32G high speed TF card
Storage control:Serial port command, level trigger or key trigger is optional
Report Word format, customized format function
Internet interface:100M Ethernet, RJ45, temperature data transmission
Power interface:Yes
Video output:CVBS
Control port:RS232
Installation interface:UNC 1/4”-20 standard interface, M3 treaded joint
Power System:
DC supply:DC: 12V
Power consumption:<3.6W
Environment Parameters:
Operation temperature range:-30℃~+60℃
Storage temperature range:-40℃~+70℃
Physical Data:
Weight:≤420g(with 25mm motorized lens)
Standard:Thermal imaging camera with 25mm motorized lens, integrated cable, software CD, warranty card, certificate, calibration book, transport case

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