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ADTC-7020DB Dry block calibrator

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General information about ADTC-7020DB Dry block calibrator
ADTC-7020DB Dry Block Calibrator — designed by thermal conduction theory and advanced temperature control technology, supply the laboratory accuracy temperature source. each calibrator supplied by Scan-Sense is calibrated against precision equipment, which is traceable to national standards, and calibration certificates are supplied with each unit.
ADTC-7020DB with small size & good appearance, very easy to operate. widely used in petrol, metallurgy, power, military, science institute, metering fields.
ADTC-7020DB Dry Block Calibrator are used in temperature sensor calibration for site and laboratory thermocouple as well as thermal resistance.
1-High precision of temperature control.
2-Small size with light weight, suitable for field.
3-Shorter time for heating. Save calibration time.

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Technical specification of the device:
1- Temperature Range: (-5~125)℃
2-Controller Display Resolution:
(-5~100)℃: 0.01℃
3-Absolutely Stability (30min): ±0.05℃
Heating:-5℃~125℃: 25min
Cooling: 125℃~-5℃:30min
4-Standard Well Dimension: 2xΦ4.5mm; 2xΦ6.4mm; 1xΦ8mm; 1xΦ9.5mm;depth 145mm (Can be customized )
5-Appearance Dimension: 275mm x 180mm x 275mm
6-Weight: 8.5kg

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